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Yacht Winterization Service Business

If you own a boat maintenance business you need to be providing winterization services to your customers. Many boat owners who get to know you may trust you to help them winterize their boats. The best place to store a boat is under a cover in a controlled climate environment.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Yacht Competition Racing for the Disabled Takes Off!

Yacht racing, though it may seem like “a breeze� to spectators (to turn a phrase), is really a lot more complicated than it looks. Anyone who's ever been involved in a “backyard regatta� or a world-class yacht race will tell you: This is a sport that requires very savvy technical skills and a strategic mind. Still think anyone can do it? Just ask anyone who's served as a crew member in a yacht-racing adventure catered to the disabled. Here's a guarantee: They'll look at you like you're crazy.
Posted by David Dunlap

Yacht Chartering in Greece - A Few Things to Consider

The idea of chartering a yacht and sailing around the idyllic Greek islands is an appealing one to many people, but there are several important things that one should consider when starting to plan this type of holiday.
Posted by Emmanuel Mendonca

Yacht Charter From Rhodos Base - Dodecanese

Yacht charters from Rhodos-Dodecanese.
Posted by Yannis Moraitis

Yacht and Ship Registration in the Isle of Man

The maritime history of the Isle of Man dates from the eighteenth century and the Island is recognised internationally as an efficient and well- run centre for both registration and management. It was ranked third in the world by Port State Authority in September 2004. The Marine Administration was established in 1984 and offers 24 hour cover for both yacht and ship owners. Local legislation has also been amended to adopt the “Megayacht� code and enable commercial yachts exceeding 24 metres to be registered on the Island.
Posted by Christopher Evans

World Cruise - A Relaxing Experience

Have you ever thought what it would be like to just relax quietly under the sun and at sea-no hustling or bustling, far away from the madding crowds in a casual attire and in clean air and just a sma...
Posted by Colin Hartness

Why Take a Cruise Vacation?

Have you considered taking a cruise vacation but just aren't sure if it would be right for you? With all the cruise lines available, all the cruise destinations, the range of prices, there is a cruise for just about everyone.
Posted by Colin Hartness

Why a Cruise Vacation is YOUR Dream Holiday

Thinking you could use an escape from the wintertime blahs, maybe even that dream holiday you've been thinking about for years? A Caribbean cruise vacation is the answer! What makes a cruise your dream holiday, you ask? Well, put simply, a cruise combines all the elements of a dream vacation into one blissful trip. There is ALWAYS something to do, no matter your age or interests. Whether you're on your honeymoon, vacationing with the family, or spending quality time reuniting old friends, a cruise is guaranteed to fulfill your dreams.
Posted by Keith Kingston

Who's Looking Out For Your Boat When Your Not There?

There are millions of boaters in the United States. Most of them only spend a fraction their time on or around their boat. If your vessel is damaged, criminally or otherwise, will you find out before you show up for a day on the water and realize that you are going nowhere?
Posted by Marc Eskew

What's Involved With Honeymoon Cruise Packages?

With so many honeymoon cruise packages to choose from, it can be difficult to decide which one will provide the most romantic and relaxing environment for you and your loved one. The following tips should be helpful to anyone planning for honeymoon cruise vacations.
Posted by Randy Wilson

What You Need to Know About Cruise Holidays

Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of driving, sitting erect in a plane etc., go for a voyage through water- a cruise which provides you the best comfort and sight seeing. Sea journey has its own charm and charisma.
Posted by Mansi Aggarwal

What To Expect - My 1st Cruise Experience

My wife and I headed for Southampton to join our cruise ship, weighed down with luggage. (Why do women take twice as much as men?)
Posted by John W. Gibb

What Is Best For You; An Inflatable Kayak Or A Hard-Shell Kayak?

If you are thinking about taking up kayaking for the first time, this article will help explain some of your options as far as the different types of kayaks available on the market.
Posted by Kevin Brown

Western Caribbean Cruise

Review of Western Caribbean cruise on Royal Caribbean Cruiselines. Ports included Labadee (Haiti), Grand Cayman, Ochos Rios and Cozumel.
Posted by Clint Leung

Water Molecule Alignment for Increased Speed In the Water

Fluid dynamics predict smooth crusing in pre-aligned water molecule bodies of water. Would you like more efficiency in the water? Someday it maybe possible.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Wanted! Adventurous Guests Looking For a New Experience on a Royal Caribbean Cruise

Wanted! Adventurous guests looking for a new experience on a Royal Caribbean Cruise! Royal Caribbean Cruise line is known to be a leading, innovative cruise vacation company that offers new experiences, a wide array of choices, and great vacation value for active singles, couples and entire families looking for exciting adventures.
Posted by William Lezubski

Want To Know More About Cruises and Cruise Ships?

Douglas Ward, well known author and cruise guru shares his timely information about cruising with Norm Goldman, Editor of &
Posted by Norm Goldman

Want a Dream Career? Get a Job on a Yacht!

If you're the “outdoorsy� type, prefer to work on a team, have a positive attitude and are a confirmed “people-person,� you may fit right in as part of a yacht crew. Though jobs on most yachts are seasonal or part-time (depending on when someone rents it for a cruise), you will gain an incredible amount of experience while sailing your work days away.
Posted by David Dunlap

Update April 2005 - Holland America Cruises, Signature of Excellence Program

Soon to be enjoyed by all Holland America passengers, the Signature of Excellence upgrades are on track for completion by the end of 2006!
Posted by Brian Schmidt

Types of Cruise Ship Cabins

Planning a cruise? Learn more about the types of cruise ship cabins available.
Posted by Lana Hampton

Tropical Cruise Expert Guide

A tropical cruise in the Caribbean or in the Gulf of Mexico is an ideal choice of vacation for couples of all ages. Whether you're looking for a short romantic break or if you'd like a...
Posted by John Metcalfe

Tips on Marina and Dock Sealing

It is important to follow these procedures when sealing a private dock or a dock at the marina. Always let the dock dry for three to twenty-four hours before applying any coating or sealant. You cannot put a seal coat over on top of moisture or wet wood.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Those Ellusive Crab and Prawn Traps

If you are a boater, in particular a sea or ocean-going boater, you have probably tried your hand at catching prawns and/or crabs with their respective pots. Here is an entertaining story about one couple's attempts.
Posted by Valerie Giles

There Are Many Reasons Why You Should Choose Inflatable Boats Over Traditional Boats

If you are thinking about buying an inflatable boat this article will provide you with some insight into what they have to offer as opposed to the traditional boats.
Posted by Kevin Brown

The Skipper on a Charter Yacht

The skipper is the heart of every floating vessel on earth. His word is (or should be) law to everybody on board. Yet, on a pleasant sailing holiday with your friends it can be deemed as unpleasant,...
Posted by Alexander Vournas

The Rise and Rise of Croatia For Sailing Holidays

Croatia has risen to rival Greece as the sailing capital of Europe. Offers thousands of bareboats; flotilla holidays; and sailing schools. Plenty of reasonably priced charter flights to Dalmatia and low cost carriers to Istria
Posted by Christopher Longmore

The Reluctant Sailor - Tips for the Sailing Beginner

Not everyone is passionate about sailing. So what does the non-sailing spouse do, when asked to go boating. Here are some golden rules for the reluctant sailor.
Posted by Helen MacKenzie

The Nile Cruise

The typical Nile cruiser is really a floating hotel. Amenities on board will include lounges, restaurants, bars, swimming pool, discotheque and shops...
Posted by Andrew Muigai

The Merchant Navy and the Internet

A web site dedicated to the writings of the sea, ships and all those that sail on them? It sounds strange as who knows what the Merchant Navy is or what those at sea actually do all day, those who wo...
Posted by Ieuan Dolby

The History of Water Sports

Water sports are a favorite pastime for all ages, whether as observers or participants.. Children splash in the pool, vacationers enjoy the exciting snorkeling or scuba diving expedition, and everyone goes wild over the divers, synchronized swimmers and speed swimmers in the Olympic games. These activities have been enjoyed for centuries and possess and intriguing history.
Posted by Keith Kingston
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