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Flying VS Driving

When fuel costs are so high, people favor flying to driving. If the distance to be traveled is over 500 miles it often makes sense to fly. If the distance is over 1000 miles then it definitely makes sense to fly to save fuel.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Flying With Your Dog

A pet owner must research the many requirements before taking a dog on an airplane. Different airlines have slightly different regulations, but most airlines follow the same basic set of rules in regards to flying with a dog.
Posted by Eric Shannon

Fuel Costs and Air Fares Set To Rocket After Hurricane Katrina Punishes The US

Hurricane Katrina has been a disaster for hundreds of thousands of people in the US, and the after effects are far from over. Now Katrina could mark the start of higher fuel prices than anyone's ever experienced. If you're thinking of air travel, right now could be the best time you'll ever have.
Posted by David Harvey

Future Shuttle Launches

The military aircraft we have are all equipped with anti-SAM systems. These prevent SAMs, Surface-to-air-missiles, which are heat seeking from hitting the aircraft. The systems send out many very hot flare type pieces out of the back of the aircraft and fool the Surface to air missile into thinking that those are the targets, thus the missile goes after the chafe flares instead of the actual aircraft.
Posted by Lance Winslow

General Aviation Manufacturing is in the Tank; Hang On It is Going to Get Worse

Is India Primed to Take the General Aviation Manufacturing Industry Away From The US?
Posted by Lance Winslow

Getting Cheap Airfares

Have you been yearning to take a vacation? There is nothing better than air travel to get you to your destination in the least amount of time. Here are a few tips on how to find the best possible price for your next airline travel.
Posted by David Chandler

Group Check-in At Airports

Traveling with a group is an adventure, and if your trip begins and ends at an airport, it can be even more so. Here are some quick tips to help the uninitiated get their group checked in and on the plane without a lot of stress or worry.
Posted by Chad Criswell

Helicopters - The Multi Utility Machines

This article talks about the versatality of helicopters in performing much more than just being an executive mode of transport.
Posted by Mehnaz Ansari

Helicopters Outfitted With Airbags

You know those airbags in your car? Did you know they are very similar in nature to the airbags deployment system used to crash land the Mars rover on the surface of Mars? Did you know that one company is making external airbags for helicopters and rotorcraft? It's all true.
Posted by Lance Winslow

How Cheap Can You Get? Try Online for Cheap Air Tickets

Do you have air travel in your plans? Check out this site for some great resources on cheap and discounted airfares.
Posted by David Chandler

How to Get a Free Airline Upgrade on Your Flight

Fed up with economy class? 11 tips for how to get an airline upgrade on your next flight.
Posted by Dave Smith

How to Overcome Jetlag

Jetlag seems to be every traveler's worst nightmare – especially if you're going away for just a short while. This article discusses what Jetlag is, the symptoms and tips to overcome it.
Posted by Sarah Moore

How to Save on Airfare

There are many strategies for saving money on airfare. This article details some of the top tips.
Posted by Rex Ryan

Hypersonic or Ultrasonic Sound to Disrupt Laser Beam Attack on Commercial Airliners

Computer game simulation and laser airline attack scenarios
Posted by Lance Winslow

I Am Afraid Of Flying; You Are Not Getting Me A Light Plane

Boy I have heard it all from my friends. I am afraid of flying. I am afraid of heights. I do not trust you as a pilot; yah thanks? You are not getting me in a light plane, sober; fine have a drink? I am not joining the mile high club; well that is what she said at first?
Posted by Lance Winslow

Increasing TAS in Modern Day Fighters with Expandable Wing Tips

As fighter aircraft get faster and faster there is a diminishing return on more aerodynamic streamlining in designs. You can only build the aircraft so “Aerodynamically Correct� once you have the best optimum design for speed, there is little you can do without changing the aircraft in-flight or the air itself. Of course both of those possibilities have been and are being looked at.
Posted by Lance Winslow

India Air Traffic Issues to Come

As India increases its economic growth the population is taking to the air in travel and more and more are flying. Commercial Aviation traffic has increased ten fold in te last five years and is expected to do so again.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Inflatable Aircraft Wing Camber Modification

Every aircraft is a compromise. It is either built to fly fast or slow to land in tight distances and carry more weight. It is a jet or propeller driven craft. It costs a lot with high tech materials or it is simplistic and has less performance.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Inflatable Slots for STOL

Short Take Off and Landing Aircraft are extremely valuable in commercial, private, government and military aviation. It is important for safety and for performance. I propose inflatable slots to increase the short take off and landing performance of aircraft.
Posted by Lance Winslow

International Corporate Catering Guide

Finding an exceptional inflight caterer in no longer the challenge it used to be thanks to a handy guide for corporate flight attendants. Please read on for a review of the "The International Directory of Corporate Aviation Catering Services" to learn what this reference book has to offer.
Posted by Matthew Keegan

Is your air traffic control person real?

Have you ever been flying around and the control tower or approach control asked sent you on a vector or asked you to do something, which made no sense at all? But of course you did it anyway, because they are in charge right? You might have thought to yourself; “Is this guy for real?� “Is this guy in some kind of dreamland, asleep up there?� Well in the future such questions may not be too far off actually.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Jet Lag - 7 Steps To A Successful Trip

Jetting off to the sun for a well earned holiday or to clinch the deal of a lifetime is great, until jet lag creeps up and hits you on the back of the head. Here are seven tested and proven tips to help ensure that jet lag doesn't ruin your trip.
Posted by Donald Saunders

Jet Lag - You Can Suffer From It...Or You Can Do What This International Airline Captain Does

Whatever the reason for your travel, you have made a considerable investment. It costs you time and money. If you're stuck in a hotel room suffering from jet lag symptoms, you're missing out. Obviously, you'd like to make the most of your trip. You will get the greatest return on your investment if you're out of your hotel room enjoying your destination. I can help you achieve this.
Posted by Paul M.

Laser Beam Guidance for Oshkosh Air Show

The Federal Aviation Administration is devising a method of alerting pilots who enter a restricted airspace to leave immediately. To do this is will use a laser beam pointed at the aircraft in a certain color. This is something new, but the concept is probably something, which came from the VASI light system for glide paths on landing.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Leading Private Jet Charter Operators

Flying with the airlines can be a time consuming as well as risky proposition for businessmen as well as for people of wealth. If you absolutely, positively must get somewhere fast you are putting your trust in a system that is overcrowded, inconvenient, and failing when you fly with the airlines. What are your options? Rent or lease a private jet. The following list features some of the leading private jet charter operators in the U.S.
Posted by Matthew Keegan

Learning to Fly

Flying is fun. I learned to fly myself when I was 10-years old as my dad was an Airline Pilot and former Naval Aviator. He also owned an aircraft and I caught the flying bug as they say at age ten. Flying is fun and gives you a completely different perspective of the world we live in.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Lockheed Loitering Missile Expandable Wing Concept

I propose that we add to the wing area of the newest Lockheed Martin Marietta Loitering Missile to allow for maximum loitering time in the battlespace and for possible safe recovery without damage in the event we wish to retrieve this ultra smart munitions due to lack of available targets.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Making a Mechanical Manta with Material Memory Manufacturing Methods

I propose building a mechanical manta ray as a Underwater Unmanned Vehicle; UUV. The manta ray will have air tanks inside of its wings and a sound device, which will also operate a sonar and an ELF communication system. The air tanks will be flexible rubber type tanks with an array of gases which when hit with a directional sound device will excite the air and gas molecules and expand the tanks, thus flapping the wings.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Mexico to Manufacture Aircraft

It appears Mexico with its 120 million population is considering getting into the lucrative aviation manufacturing sector. Of course this will mean that they must acquire some expertise and some trading partners to sell to once they build these aircraft.
Posted by Lance Winslow

NASA SATS for Point-to-Point Air Travel Solutions

It appears NASA's studies of the future of air travel and air taxi concepts. By studying these possible futures we may find our selves ready to accept flying cars in everyone's garage.
Posted by Lance Winslow
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