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A Mom's Getaway

Destination: Block Island Accomplices: 6 High School Girlfriends (Yes, we've been friends for 5 years now ha ha) The time is 6:15 am on a Sunday. I've been up since 4:30 am. Am I a little eager? Of ...
Posted by Valerie McDermott

A November Weekend to Remember

Malapascua is an island part of Daan Bantayan, North of Cebu. For Cebuano's Malapascua is not an alien destination as it is very known to boast a next-to-Boracay Paradise without being overrated and as tourist infested as Boracay is. Going to Malapascua is a 5-hour bus ride from Cebu City where you will be dropped to Maya, place in Daan Bantayan where you can catch a 45-minute boat ride from there to the white sand coast of Malapascua.
Posted by Gina Capatar

A Pilgrimage to Cape Trafalgar

2005 marks the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Trafalgar. Visit the Cape where Admiral Nelson defeated Napoleon's fleet in a sea conflict that would shape Europe's history.
Posted by Seb Jay

A Prison in Paradise

In the middle of San Francisco bay, framed by some of the most beautiful and majestic views in the country lies Alcatraz Island. A federal penitentiary is not usually included on the list of one's vacation plans, however the history and beauty of this island warrant an exception. From 1934 to 1963 a number of the most feared criminals in the American penal system called “the rock� home. Famous for the stark contrast between its stunningly serene surroundings and the harshness of life and character inside its walls, Alcatraz has found its way into American lore.
Posted by Nate Soule

A Prodigal Inn & Gallery, Bethel Maine

Norm and Lily Goldman, writer and water colorist, recently visited one of the most unusual B&Bs in New Hampshire, A Prodigal Inn & Gallery. Read what Norm has to say.
Posted by Norm Goldman

A Quick Tour of Spain

With over fifty million tourists visiting Spain each year, this popular West European country must have something special which attracts the visitor. What exactly is it ...? The main beauty of th...
Posted by Linda Plummer

A Remote Island Where Modern Britain Was Born

Travel Writer Richard Jones pays a visit to the Isle of Anglesey where he discovers the birth place of Owen Tudor, whose descendents fulfilled Merlin's prophecy that one day a Welsh Man would sit upon the throne of England.
Posted by Richard Jones

A Review of the Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress Hotel in Orlando, Florida

Our family loves to try a new vacation spot every few months but we held off taking a Walt Disney World Orlando vacation until our son reached 8 years old. Getting away from the feeling of living in a big city is important to us and the Hyatt Grand Cypress scored big with us on that point.
Posted by Jason Canon

A Short Introduction To New Zealand

New Zealand is a geographically breathtaking country with glacier carved mountains, lakes, beaches, thermal springs, sub tropical pools etc., and where you can enjoy everything from skiing to surfing, from fishing to mountain climbing.
Posted by Rhiannon Williamson

A Stay At Old San Juan In Puerto Rico

Describes a short stay at historic Old San Juan in Puerto Rico before departing on a Caribbean cruise.
Posted by Clint Leung

A Travel Story: From San Francisco to Cairo, “Let's All Stay Together�

Our tour guide kept saying “Let's stay together� These three little words made me feel like I was in elementary school, then I would remember why she kept saying this to our group and I would immediately find the core of my group and join them.
Posted by Cassandra Ingraham

A Trip To Iqaluit In Nunavut, A Canadian Arctic City

A report on travel to Iqaluit which is in Canada's Arctic region. Iqaluit is the capital of Nunavut, Canada's newest territory.
Posted by Clint Leung

A True Vacation

I am amazed at how many people take so-called vacations and constantly stay in touch with work. Their mind never gets the rest and quiet it needs, and with out this quiet, the heart and spirit are drowned out.
Posted by Vicki Miller

A Visit To Labadee In Haiti

A visit to Labadee which is actually in the Caribbean country of Haiti. This is part of a Western Caribbean cruise with Royal Caribbean cruiselines.
Posted by Clint Leung

A White Noise Machine: Your Solution To Sleeping In Noisy Places

As an airline pilot, I have a responsibility to always arrive at the plane well rested. That means being able to sleep well in almost any hotel room. Few are quiet. My secret to sleeping well in noisy places (which can be yours also) is...
Posted by Paul M.

Aberdeen Washington Small Business

Aberdeen Washington is a port city, it is located inland in Gray's Harbor. Aberdeen and it's surrounding area would make an excellent place to own a business. We believe that a small service business by adding the nearby cities to the service territory there would be ample population base to run a very good small Business.
Posted by Lance Winslow

About Acapulco

Description of Acapulco, its attractions, and the author's thoughts on it.
Posted by Rosana Hart

About Cancun

Description of Cancun's many appeals, and a little about its history.
Posted by Rosana Hart

About Cuernavaca

The great appeal of Cuernavaca can only be hinted at in a description of this elegant, garden-filled city.
Posted by Rosana Hart

About Mexico City

Reflections on the attractions and drawbacks of visiting Mexico City as a tourist or business traveler.
Posted by Rosana Hart

About Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is one of the nicest beach resorts in Mexico, and here's why.
Posted by Rosana Hart

About Tijuana

Shopping and other attractions in Tijuana, with easy directions on getting there.
Posted by Rosana Hart

Acapulco, One of Mexico's Top Travel Destinations

Fun days and sizzling nights make Acapulco one of Mexico's top travel destinations. Are you ready for a Mexico vacation? Acapulco just might be the place for you!
Posted by Danny Lowell

Across the High Sierra

I have always enjoyed long road trips across the country, perhaps because they have all the elements of a Homeric adventure. After completing basic training for the Army, I was ready for assignment ...
Posted by Sandin Phillipson

Advantages of a Weekend-Getaway

You would be surprised how just getting away for a couple of days will make you feel as though you did have a week long break! Here are some more advantages of taking a short vacation break...
Posted by Jolana Klobouk

Adventure Tours

Ever thought of river rafting on the Arkansas River, rock climbing in the mountains, or even mud racing? This article provides a few suggestions for your next adventure tour.
Posted by David Chandler

Adventures in Bolivia

As a graduate student, I finally had the opportunity to work on a project in southern Bolivia. Although I had spent previous summers camping alone while conducting fieldwork in remote areas, this wa...
Posted by Sandin Phillipson

Advice for the Theme Park Weary

When you just can't take another day at the theme parks on your Orlando vacation consider these suggestions.
Posted by Cara Goldsbury

Africa's Algeria

Algeria, The People's Democratic Republic of Algeria, is a country located in north parts of Africa.
Posted by Ryan Fyfe

Airfare Consolidators: The Airfare Stock Market

Airfare Consolidators save Travelers hundreds of dollars on airline tickets. The question is where do you find reliable consolidators?
Posted by Cassandra Ingraham
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