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The Fabulous New Caribbean Princess Ship

Experience the Princess "Personal Choice Cruising" theme on board the fabulous new Caribbean Princess cruise ship.
Posted by Brian Schmidt

The Delightful Land beyond Imagination

The kids are grown and gone, the mortgage is paid off and it is winter! For the first time you are free to let reality and fantasy trade places with thoughts of lush faraway places. And now it's your turn.
Posted by Sid Kaplan

The Bottom Line on Yacht & Boat Charters

Thinking about chartering a yacht and setting sail on your dream holiday? Here's the basic facts you should know...
Posted by Johnathan Thompson

The Best European Cruise Travel Vacation!

Looking for a fantastic European vacation? One of the very best ways to see and experience Europe is on a European river cruise!
Posted by Brian Schmidt

The Alaska Cruise- A Living Memory

Alaska is a place full of adventures with its one hundred thousand glaciers and 3 million lakes. To enjoy the Alaska experience your first option should be a Gulf of Alaska cruise.
Posted by Colin Hartness

The Absolute Best Romantic Gift Idea!

Are you searching for a romantic gift that your special someone will charish and remember? This idea will knock their socks off!
Posted by Brian Schmidt

Taking A Paddleboat Cruise

In May my husband and I took a wonderful steamboat trip on the Colombia River, 1,240 miles long, and Snake River, 1,038 miles long, aboard the American West's Empress of the North. This is the first time we had ever done a “niche� type cruise and we thoroughly enjoyed it.
Posted by Mary Hanna

Taking a Deaf Cruise

There's A Perfect Cruise For Everyone: Deaf and hearing impaired individuals are no different from anyone else except they cannot hear or hear well. Because the deaf culture consists of mainly deaf people who hang around each other simply because of communication, finding a cruise that caters to the deaf is a true blessing...
Posted by Jake Kelly

Take a Wine-Tasting Tour While Yachting

Just think of it, the world of opulence and leisure: You're on a luxury yacht. You're sailing the ocean blue, not a care in the world. You're being served a taste of different varietals of fine wines by waiters wearing white gloves and tuxedos with tails. You're catching the scintillating scent of fresh sea air from your overstuffed chaise lounge on the yacht's deck. Strawberries dipped in chocolate and truffles glide by on gleaming sterling-silver trays.
Posted by David Dunlap

Survival At Sea: What You Need To Do, What You Need To Have

Summer's here. And summer means boats. Suppose you have an accident at sea and end up adrift in a small boat or, worse yet, a life raft. Do you know what you need to do to survive? Do you have a survival kit? If not, do you know what to include in a survival kit? This articles contains important information on how to survive at sea and what you need to survive...
Posted by Douglas Hanna

Summertime And Boats... And Boat Insurance

Early summertime is the time of year, when boat owners start getting back on the water. I am speaking about pleasure boaters, those who use their boats to make a living fishing are on the water when the fish are under it.
Posted by John Edwardson

Stocking up Your Boat

There, you have just got a boat. A nice new hobby for the weekend and it is time to stock it out. It is time to get all that equipment and gear that you have read about in all the magazines and that ...
Posted by Ieuan Dolby

Small Boats Should Have Certain Equipment On Board For Proper Safety Precautions

Small boat safety is a serious matter. Learn how you can make your boating trips safer with tips on weather conditions and what safety equipment to bring along.
Posted by Kevin Brown

Six-Star Cruising on Luxury Cruise Lines

A luxury cruise is just what the name implies, a cruise at the upper end of the spectrum, not just five stars but a six-star cruise.
Posted by Colin Hartness

Sit Back and Relax on a Crewed Yacht Charter Vacation

Ever wanted to really put yourself to the test and teach yourself how to sail and guide a yacht? On a crewed yacht charter voyage, you can do just that – and more – while taking turns at the helm and seeing the sights of your specially planned destination.
Posted by David Dunlap

Simple Things for the “Sailing Life�

Owning a boat has an oxymoronic quality to it. “The simple life� can be pretty complex--I think of it as having a plane, a car, and a house compressed into a very small space. This specialized enviro...
Posted by Kerry S. Mason

Silversea Cruises! Committed To Elegance, Luxury, And Gracious Hospitality

Committed to elegance, luxury and gracious hospitality, Silversea Cruises is the “Ultra Plus� in the elite cruise domain. Their promise is to always go above and beyond. Their passion is to exceed your expectations. Their reward is achieving excellence in your eyes. “Faultless�!
Posted by William Lezubski

Short Cruises - The Perfect Match For First Time Cruisers

Would you like to try a cruise, but aren't sure if you'd really like it? Some people are intimidated about making a seven-day commitment to a cruise vacation. If you experience these feelings, perhaps a short cruise of three, four or five nights might be the best way to determine if cruising is for you.
Posted by Tracey Amino

Shopping for Cruises Online! How?

How does one start to shop and plan for a cruise vacation? How would you find the best value? Check out these simple tips to help you find the very best cruise deal.
Posted by Brian Schmidt

Shape Up and Ship Out

For some, the ideal cruise consists of a lounge chair, gourmet food, and many, many drink umbrellas. And while I admit that sounds wonderfully seductive, there are those whose ideal cruise is a bit more active...
Posted by Sid Kaplan

See Alaska as Never Before: Alaska Inside Passage Cruises

Some of the best sightseeing Alaska has to offer. Alaska's inside passage cruises offer Glaciers, wildlife, Alaska culture and luxury accommodations in a single package. Make your next vacation an adventure...
Posted by Ron Richards

School for Sails, by Capt. Cary Hanna

Gorgeous, acrobatic, and lit-up, Sailfish rank as the # 1 sporty catch of south Florida. But there is a lot involved in the catch and release of these sought after game fish, after all their not the best table fare. How much vacuum packed smoked Sailfish can you eat? So what's involved in catching the Sailfish? What kind of bait? What is the best rod and reel set-up? What are some of the techniques to use on the water? Let's start out and learn from the end result and work our way to the beginning. The fact is Sailfish fight their heart out, displaying themselves in full view acrobatics over and over again. Did you ever run the 100 yard dash in high school? What happened when you finished? Read more for Sailfishing techniques.
Posted by Cary Hanna

Sailing Itineraries

Simple sailing itineraries suggestions for yachting vacations in Greece.
Posted by Yannis Moraitis

Sailing Hints & Tips

I spend almost all my summers sailing around the Greek islands. With this small article I would like to share some sailing hints with you that will help you enjoy the most out of your sailing holidays. Some usefull sailing hints & tips!
Posted by Yannis Moraitis

Royal Caribbean Cruises! Where Their Slogan Is Get Out There™ And They Mean It

Imagine a cruise line where choices include ships with golf courses and rock-climbing walls looming 200 feet over the ocean. Where there is so much happening, so much to discover and experience it's just possible the crack of dawn will need to be your wake up call.
Posted by William Lezubski

Robotic Boat Cleaning is Here, Soon it will be Affordable

Robotic Ship Cleaning is The Future - Marine Technologies.
Posted by Lance Winslow

River Cruises Can be Such a Rich Experience

River Cruises- Discovering Europe, Russia, China, America
Posted by Colin Hartness

Reducing Wake Turbulence and Wing-Tip Vortices Using Contoured Winglet Designs

Saving fuel is the name of the game, how can we make airliners more efficient and out of bankruptcy?
Posted by Lance Winslow

Radisson Seven Seas Cruises! Where Luxury Goes Exploring

Luxury goes exploring! How faithfully these words portray the elegance, exemplary service and much-lauded itineraries, which are the very hallmark of Radisson's Cruises. Long ensconced in the upper niche of 6-star cruising, Radisson welcomes guests to its five eclectic, trend setting ships as old and valued friends!
Posted by William Lezubski

Radisson Cruises- A Six Star Luxury Experience / Radisson Cruises- Best Cruise Value

Radisson cruises come under the flagship of six star luxury cruises offering an opportunity to explore and discover three hundred ports on 6 continents, including Antarctica. All the luxury liners sh...
Posted by Colin Hartness
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