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Young Men Trying to Imitate the 9-11 Scenario, Part III

What caused a teenager to crash an aircraft into the Bank of America Building in Tampa? It makes no sense. Read more in Part III to try to understand the causes involved in this scenario. This young many was not like everyone else, he knew it, and we failed to recognize his value to our society.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Young Men Trying to Imitate the 9-11 Scenario, Part IV

In conclusion of this young man who crashed a single engine Cessna 152 into the Bank of America we see a whole chain of events; events, which should not have occurred at all. What can we do to prevent such kids from going astray in our society? Read the conclusion of my thoughts and perhaps you might find and answer to these questions.
Posted by Lance Winslow

10 Best Children's Activities at Walt Disney World

I'm sure you all know about Disney World's amazing theme parks, but are you familiar with the myriad of fascinating activities for children offered throughout Walt Disney World that are either complimentary or offered for a reasonable fee to Disney resort guests? Here are some of the best:
Posted by Cara Goldsbury

10 Reasons to Holiday in New Zealand - Part 1

Are you a keen traveler? This article will give you 10 good reasons to visit New Zealand on any budget.
Posted by Sue Taylor

10 Simple Ways to Pay Less & Get Free Upgrades for Any Hotel Room

Learn how easy it is to get free perks, free upgrades and pay less for your next stay in any hotel.
Posted by Julie Summers

10 Special Tips for Your Romantic Getaways

Taking a break by going for romantic getaways with your loved one is a precious moment. So all the things needed for the trips has to be prepared carefully especially when you travel abroad. Each country has its own requirement for visitors to visit the country.
Posted by Yochention Saritoh

10 Tips For Sleeping on Airplanes

Here are some tips to help you get some shut-eye on your next flight...
Posted by Jolana Klobouk

11 Proven Sleep Tips To Help You Rest Well In Any Strange Or Noisy Hotel

Are you always able to get a good night's sleep in a hotel or other "strange bed"? Learn how this Airline Captain makes sure he always shows up for flights well rested.
Posted by Paul M.

116 Degrees in Las Vegas? Atlantic City Option

So you have planned a trip to Las Vegas, forget that. It hit 116 degrees the other day. As a perpetual tourist let me recommend Atlantic City, a city for lovers over the city that never sleeps in Nevada. At 116 degrees the nighttime lows are well above 100 degrees and you can't sleep. At 10:00 it was still 107 degrees.
Posted by Lance Winslow

16 Tips to Prevent Passport Problems

Carelessness is the number one reason for a passport application being rejected or delayed or for a passport being lost, stolen, or damaged. What steps are necessary to prevent these things from hap...
Posted by William Manor

33 Travel Safety Tips

Traveling abroad or within the US to destinations unfamiliar can put you at risk. You can lessen the chance you will fall victim to crime by following these important tips.
Posted by Matthew Keegan

5 Ways to Choose Your Hotel

You are planning a holiday abroad for your family, and want everyone to have a good time. You surf the internet for hotel descriptions, but from the pictures that you see and what you read, all hotels project a perfect image of themselves. How can you tell which ones are better?
Posted by Erica Johnson

50 Cents on the Dollar in the Dominican Republic

The New American Peso in the Dominican Republic!
Posted by Bob Kelly

7 Important Rainy Weather Driving Tips

Rain is blamed for thousands of accidents yearly. Many of these accidents are preventable, but are caused by drivers who don't realize that fair- and foul-weather driving are fundamentally different.
Posted by Jeff Boyd

777 Freighter: The Boeing Company's Newest Bird

Boeing announced it is now offering a 777 Airliner in a Cargo Configuration. This will make it the largest twin-engine cargo plane in the world. Since the Boeing 777 is has one of the best fuel efficiency ratings and range it makes it an ideal aircraft for air-cargo companies...
Posted by Lance Winslow

8 Major Reasons Not To Move To Las Vegas

Find out why moving to Las Vegas is not such a good idea. Limousine driver covering the streets of Vegas for the past 6 years knows the current situation in Las Vegas...
Posted by Jeff Cardenell

8 Reasons Why You Should Choose Inflatable Boats!

Check out the ultimate advantages of inflatable boats. You will be definitely surprised by its ability. Not only being flexible, inflatable boats are just best on its stability,loading capacity, light-weight attribution, multipurpose, toughness, economical attribution and more.
Posted by Daren Shawn

9 North Carolina Beach Destinations!

Summer brings with it warmth and high humidity. The season also offers the opportunity for heat weary folks to escape to the mountains or beaches for a well deserved rest. In North Carolina, there are several beach destinations worth visiting and nine top sites are featured here.
Posted by Matthew Keegan

A Brief Look at Afghanistan

Afghanistan is a country located in Central Asia. Afghanistan is often considered to be part of the Middle East.
Posted by Ryan Fyfe

A Californian's View of Philadelphia

You feel like you're in America in Philadelphia. We got to see South Street! I never connected this South Street to the 60s hit song, "Go on down to South Street, where all the hippies meet." Of course, because I was a real Southern California hippy, it never occurred to me that the song referred to a street in Philadelphia.
Posted by Jeanette Joy Fisher

A Catalina Island Adventure

For a refreshing and relaxing addition to your Los Angeles or California itinerary, consider a day trip to Catalina Island and the community of Avalon. The trip provides something for everyone, from a couple looking for romance to a large organization in search of fun and adventure.
Posted by Chad Criswell

A Cuba Vacation

Discover why Cuba is becoming such a popular vacation destination.
Posted by Suzanne Morrison

A Florence Hills Tour

Take a break from your busy sightseeing schedule and enjoy some relaxing time out in the hills of Florence...
Posted by Suzanne Morrison

A Fun Day at the Zoo

When was the last time you took your kids to the zoo? Do you remember how much fun they had, and do you remember how much you enjoyed watching their faces light up when they watched the penguins being fed, or the chimpanzees chasing each other around the exhibit? Isn't it time you packed up your family and headed to the nearest zoo?
Posted by Susanne Myers

A Guide To Life In Bulgaria

If you are thinking that Bulgaria might be the place for you what can you expect from life in Bulgaria?
Posted by Rhiannon Williamson

A Guide to Some of Spain's Quirkier Festivals

Spaniards seem rarely to need much of a reason for a fiesta or festival of some sort and you can pretty much guarantee that wherever you are in Spain there will be some merrymaking going on somewhere in honour of a patron saint
Posted by Mike McDougall

A Guide to the Best Vancouver Vacation Attractions

Here's a guide to some of the most popular Vancouver vacation attractions. Vancouver resident and travel writer Greg Mattson looks at some of the best things to do in Vancouver.
Posted by Greg Mattson

A Journey To The Palace Hotels Of India

When I started on a five month long tour to India, I had no idea what was in store for me. I was not even sure why I planned on a tour to India. May be I was just too fascinated by the lifestyles of the Indian Maharaja's and wanted to see and experience for myself their lives and their palaces.
Posted by Mark Patrick

A Look at How to Buy Discount Cigars

Unlike most cigarettes, cigars are available in a wide variety of prices, and a wide variety of qualities. While the most discerning cigar aficionado can purchase brands costing upwards of several hundred dollars for just a small set, one can also choose from a variety of discount cigars that also offer a genuinely pleasing smoking experience.
Posted by Eddie Tobey

A Mindful Road Trip: The Perfect No-Goal Vacation

Planning a trip? Here's a look at the joy of letting go of the details...
Posted by Maya Talisman Frost
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