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Choosing Day Tours in Cape Town, South Africa

Marvic Tours and Tales believe that modern travellers seek authentic adventures where they can choose the specific experiences to partake in. Victoria Koning offers helpful advice to travellers wanting to choose the best experiences in Cape Town, South Africa.
Posted by Victoria Koning

Choosing Hotels in Chilean Patagonia is Easier Now

Welcome Patagonia is a new internet guide for travelers to Patagonia. Find here help to choose the hotel for you.
Posted by Marcelo Kunstman

Choosing the Best Holiday Destination

Because of the life pressures on all of us our holiday time is precious and we cannot afford to waste a minute of it in a less than ideal destination, so this guide to the top ten considerations to make before booking will help everyone to plan their perfect break.
Posted by Rhiannon Williamson

Christmas Island

Beleive it or not Christmas Island, actually has nothing to do with the Holiday Season of Christmas. A small, non self-governing Territory of Australia, the Territory of Christmas Island is located in the Indian Ocean...
Posted by Ryan Fyfe

Cigars: Cigar Manufacture

Cigars go through a fascinating manufacturing process- both hand-mades and machine-mades.
Posted by John Payne

Cigars: Curing Tobacco

The curing of tobacco leaves is vital to the quality of the final product- including your favorite cigars!
Posted by John Payne

Cigars: Growing Tobacco Part 2

Learn how the tobacco that makes your cigars is grown and harvested.
Posted by John Payne

Cigars: Processing Tobacco

Fermenting the tobacco for your favorite cigar helps improve the flavor, and allow it to last.
Posted by John Payne

Cigars: Quality Control

To produce a quality cigar, there needs to be a rigorous program of qauality control.
Posted by John Payne

Cigars: Smoking Your Cigar

Smoking your cigar, and learning how to rate it, maximize your smoking pleasure.
Posted by John Payne

Cigars: Some Producing Countries

Information on some of the main non-Cuban producers of cigars.
Posted by John Payne

Cigars: The Binder & The Filler

The binder in a cigar holds the filler in place until the wrapper is added, and can contribute to the blend of flovors.
Posted by John Payne

Cigars: The Cigar Wrapper

The cigar wrapper is vital to the quality and characteristics of a cigar.
Posted by John Payne

Cigars: The Tobacco Plant

Learn about the fascinating plant that produces your favorite cigar.
Posted by John Payne

Cigars: Tobacco Growing

The tobacco your cigars are made of is grown in countries around the world.
Posted by John Payne

Cocos Island... Green Bouquet Is Seen Far Into The Sea

Cocos Island National Park Sank in the middle of the infinite Pacific Ocean, we find the Cocos Island. It is one of the protected areas with the greatest diversity in terms of wildlife and one of th...
Posted by Aventuras Elegantes

Cody Wyoming

Out in front of The Cody, Wyoming Chamber of Commerce is an enormous bronze statue of two cowboys shaking hands on horses. Cody and the surrounding areas are growing very nicely and the downtown district is alive with tourists and travelers who come to take part in the history of the Old West.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Cologne Germany -- 18 Insider Tips –- Part 1 of 2

Would you like to know what the real interesting sights in Cologne Germany are? In this two-part article, I am going to let you know about 18 of my good ones.
Posted by Marcus Hochstadt

Cologne Germany -- 18 Insider Tips -- Part 2 of 2

Cologne Germany has a lot to offer, and in this second part I give you the remaining 10 insider tips you surely already were looking for...
Posted by Marcus Hochstadt

Cologne Germany -- Historical Facts of the First of German Cities

Cologne Germany -- do you know of the first given name of the oldest German city? Do you know how long it took to build its Cathedral? Do you further know what its scariest natural disaster is? Read on...
Posted by Marcus Hochstadt

Colorado Springs – What Is There To Be Seen

The most frequently visited man-made attractions in Colorado Springs is the U.S. Air Force Academy, which is very interesting. Its tries to develop young men and women into brave Air Force Officers. You can find it in a beautiful area of Colorado, just outside Colorado Springs. The campus is an inspiring place. The part that is the most impressive is the Cadet Chapel. There is a nature trail that leads there, and it is a great piece of architecture. The exterior is formed of 17 spires that rise up towards the heavens. Inside the building, there are several different chapels for different denominations, and each is designed and decorated accordingly.
Posted by Dominic Ferrara

Colorado Travel Guide

A Google search of the word ‘Colorado' reveals a list of websites ranging from the website of the Government of Colorado to the websites of various educational institutions and universities.
Posted by Mansi Aggarwal

Coming to Canada: Guidelines for Visitors

So, you've planned your trip to Canada. Your flight is booked, hotel reservations are made and your itinerary is set. But before you get too excited about riding to the top of the CN Tower, you should take care of a few other important details.
Posted by Johnny Mangiante

Conversion Van Camping Tips

Not quite like an RV, but better than a tent: Why conversion van camping may be the way to go.
Posted by Steven Gillman

Copper Treasures in Mexico

Every year thousands of people visit a charming town in Mexico where copper is transformed into the finest pieces of art by its people using the same ancient techniques inherited by their ancestors. This is a place every person traveling into Mexico should consider in his travel schedule.
Posted by Omar Ferro

Costa Rica Bird Watching Vacation

Costa Rica has long been famous among serious bird watchers, but many people who would never consider the activity at home quickly have become interested in the country's spectacular avian diversity...
Posted by William Hart

Costa Rica Travel

A trip to Costa Rica is definitely worthwhile and nostalgic. An escape from the daily rigors of physical and mental toil! A much needed break from the monotony of office work and family mundane
Posted by Stein Ove Stien

Costa Rica Vacation Packages

Are you planning your next family vacation? Are you want to discover an exotic, wonferful and tropical paradise? You have to go to Costa Rica. Costa Rica offers plenty of pleasant choices like these,...
Posted by Andy Bezara

Costa Rica Visitors Guide

Great information for first time visitors to Costa Rica. Get answers to your questions about travel to and through the country.
Posted by Roger Dalton

Costa Rican Beach Jaco

Beaches in Costa Rica may well be one of the most important assets in the eyes of visitors. The beaches come in all sizes, shapes and types and one of the most famous beaches is Jaco.
Posted by Kenth Nasstrom
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