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Albania - Kicking It Back in the Mediterranean

If your looking for an exotic place to take your next winter or summer vacation Albania might just be the place to kick back and relax. Albania is a Mediterranean country in south east Europe.
Posted by Ryan Fyfe

Albany Western Australia - A Holiday Destination For All

Albany Western Australia is a city of approximately 30,000 people in the south-west corner of Western Australia, approximately 409km from Perth . The city is nestled between three large hills, Mount ...
Posted by Steve Wall

Alberta's David Thomson Explorer's Trail and the Aurum Lodge- A Golden Nugget

Norm and Lily Goldman, travel writer and water colorist, recently visited Alberta. Here is what Norm has to say about the David Thomson Explorer's Trail.
Posted by Norm Goldman

Alicante Spain - How to explore it in one day

Planning your summer around the Costa Blanca in Spain - you might well spend a day in Alicante and enjoy the cities beautiful and interesting places. A virtual walk from a local citizen.
Posted by Robert Carlton

All Inclusive Vacation - Why Should You Chose One?

An all inclusive vacation not only saves you time; but also gives you every sort of comfort you could think of. This type of vacation package includes everything from itinerary planning to hotel bookings; site seeing packages and adventure sports trips. All inclusive vacations are enjoyed by everyone as they are so easy to book, saving you time by arranging all the different aspects of the trip in one easy step. These packages are designed for those people seeking comfort and ease from their holidays right from the word go.
Posted by Kirsten Whittaker

All Inclusive Vacation Specials Are On The Rise! With Internet Access Deals Could Not Get Any Easier

It seems that nearly all the people that love to travel are searching the Internet these days to find All Inclusive vacation specials, and are having great success obtaining a great deal online! Vacations are important to us, for many reasons, and an inclusive vacation is the best way to go where the value and pricing are important. Where local travel agency's don't have the time to monitor all the packages out there, you never know if you're getting the best available cheap all inclusive holidays for your money.
Posted by William Lezubski

Amazing Egypt – More than Just the Wonders of Antiquity

..The biggest draw continues to be the amazing abundance of historical treasures- temples, pyramids and museums –contained in this one country. But the destination offers more than just the wonders of antiquity. Your visit to Egypt can be rounded off by a cruise down the Nile and a beach vacation at the top notch Red Sea and Sinai resorts...
Posted by Andrew Muigai

American Tourists Say and Do the Craziest Things!

Each tourist season we collect these little anecdotes that American tourist seem so willing to provide. All we have to do is sit in the main plaza with pen and notebook in hand. Enjoy!
Posted by Douglas Bower

America's Cup in Valencia

The Host City for the 32nd America's Cup is Valencia, on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Boasting excellent racing conditions, a dedicated race village, a long maritime tradition and a motivated host population, Valencia, on the picturesque Southeast coast of Spain, is the perfect choice for the historic debut of the America's Cup in Europe.
Posted by Karen Milacic

Amsterdam and Diamonds

Do you want to know more about Diamonds and Amsterdam? Read this blog.
Posted by Frank Vanderlugt

Amusement Parks and Theme Parks In Germany -- Part 1 of 3

Would you like to dive into a complete different world to escape the everyday life? Then this 3-part report might interest you...
Posted by Marcus Hochstadt

Amusement Parks and Theme Parks In Germany -- Part 2 of 3

Would you like to dive into a complete different world to escape the everyday life? Then this 3-part report might interest you...
Posted by Marcus Hochstadt

Amusement Parks and Theme Parks In Germany -- Part 3 of 3

In this final part of German Amusement Parks and Theme Parks I reveal how you can save approx. 50% of your valuabel time in such parks. Then you have 50% more time to dive into a complete different world to escape the everyday life.
Posted by Marcus Hochstadt

An Introduction to Bahamas Vacations

A Bahamas vacation is something that most travelers will never forget. The 700 islands of the Bahamas make up a 100,000-square-mile archipelago, extending over 500 miles. Including uninhabited cays and large rocks, it has a total estimated land area of 5,382 miles.
Posted by Jennifer Bailey

An Introduction to Cigars Today

Despite their similarities to cigarettes, cigars have long possessed a much more sophisticated persona. Though they have often been portrayed as accessories of the rich and powerful in years past, cigars have seen a much broader degree of mainstream popularity recently.
Posted by Eddie Tobey

An Ontario Vacation

FAQ's about Ontario Tourism
Posted by John Mangiante

An Overview of Hong Kong Today

Hong Kong is first and foremost a trading center. It has virtually no natural resource base and is therefore dependent on imports for raw materials, food and fuel. Domestic demand, although increasingly important, is limited by the size of the population.
Posted by Brian Lambert

Antiques & Museums & Victoria And Albert And Me!

Victoria And Albert And Me! Hate Mondays? Try a Monday at the V&A. Mondays will never be the same again. I got the opportunity to spend a couple of days in London with a friend the other week so I jumped at the chance and, fingers crossed, I might get to visit the Arts and Crafts Exhibition at the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Posted by Joy Pearson

Are There Romantic Hiking Trails Within A Radius Of 60 Miles Of Cleveland, Ohio?

Norm Goldman, Editor of the travel site, sketchandtravel and the book reviewing site, bookpleasures, interviews Diane Stresing, author and expert on hiking trails in and around Cleveland, Ohio...
Posted by Norm Goldman

Are you a Traveler?

I'm making an assumption that at want point in your life you've been a tourist. You've carried a map, a camera, maybe even had a tour guide. You've traveled to different destinations, relaxed on remote beaches, climbed stairs in buildings you see on television. You've done all of these things but some how when you get arrive home, all your left with is a short memory, and a few photographs.
Posted by Ryan Fyfe

Are You Interested in Greece & The Greek Islands As A Romantic Getaway, Honeymoon or Wedding?

Norm Goldman, editor of & interviews a travel expert on Greece, who shares with us his knowledge about the country and its Islands.
Posted by Norm Goldman

Are You Interested In The South Pacific Islands: Read What One Experts Has To Say

Norm Goldman, Editor of interviews travel author and expert, David Stanley, concerning his expertise of The South Pacific Islands.
Posted by Norm Goldman

Are You Interested In The Taj Mahal?

Norm Goldman, Editor of Sketchandtravel and Bookpleasures, recently interviewed John Shors, author of Beneath A Marble Sky. John discusses with Norm his experiences visiting the Taj Mahal, as well as his views in general about travel in Asia.
Posted by Norm Goldman

Are You Still Counting Sheep?

Stop counting sheep and start adding up all of the great traveling and vacation memories. Get ready to really enjoy your vacation and maximize your enjoyment factor!
Posted by Annastasia Rizzo

Argentina Travel - Buenos Aires, Mar del Plata, Iguazú Falls, Tierra del Fuego, and Patagonia

Argentina is on the way back from the economic crisis of the last few years. If you are looking for a travel destination, Argentina is amazing and cheap.
Posted by Richard Chapo

Arizona In All Its Colorful Glory

With so much to do, where do you start when vacationing and traveling in Arizona?
Posted by Alicia Bankford


Have you ever thought about Aruba? Where is Aruba? Here are some interesting tidbits about Aruba.
Posted by David Chandler

Assorted Tips For For Business Travelers

The following five tips are for business as well as leisure travelers. Simple and easy to implement!
Posted by Matthew Keegan

Atlantic City, NJ; Secrets

Atlantic City has done something that at one time seemed to be impossible. The crowds are back and tourism has accelerated. Hundreds of Thousands of people each weekend go to Atlantic City to visit, gamble, eat, shop and relax. There are unbelievable options and some of the finest restaurants in the country.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Australia Travel and Vacations, You Are Going to Love it!

SYDNEY IS THE PLACE TO VISIT IN 2005! Welcome to a land where convicts were the first settlers, where kangaroos, koalas, and wombats still roam, and where everything seems a little different. When it is summer here, it is winter there. The Pacific Ocean is on their east coast. Driving on the left is right. Welcome to Australia and the land Downunder!
Posted by Toni James
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