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Scuba diving in South Africa

This truly beautiful country at the southern tip of dark and mysterious Africa offers diving and wildlife experiences beyond your wildest dreams...
Posted by Melt Du Plooy

Shark Attacks! How Common are They? Where do They Occur?

Where in the world are shark attacks most common (yikes!)? Where in the U.S. are shark attacks most common (think Mickey Mouse)? What are your chances of ever getting bitten by a shark? And what exactly should you do if a shark ever attacks? Learn all this - and what a surfboard bitten by a shark looks like - now!
Posted by B. Williams

Shark Pictures 'Not The Real Thing'

Pictures of a massive dead Great White shark on the back of a bakkie are doing the rounds on email with the subject line saying "Caught at Monwabisi and Strandfontein Beach yesterday" - but experts have dismissed it as a hoax.
Posted by Melt Du Plooy

Should You Buy a Used Inflatable Boat?

There are two types of used inflatable boats for sale – those that have never been patched before, and those that have been repaired. Repaired boats are worked upon by factory technicians using the same glue and same techniques used for a new boat, and hence are as good as new ones.
Posted by Kristy Annely

Side-Tripping in Montana

Planning a vacation can be efficient, but monotonous. Discover how two adventure-seekers learned to shoot from the hip on an unforgettable trip to Montana. Horses and bison and deer, oh my!
Posted by Anita Paul

Sleeping Pads For Ultralight Backpackers

Waking up cold and sore is no fun. It's also no fun to carry a three pound sleeping pad. Here are some better options.
Posted by Steven Gillman

Solo Backpacking

Is solo backpacking better than going with friends? Or is it just a different experience altogether?
Posted by Steven Gillman

Solo Backpacking Tips

Are ready to head into the wilderness alone? Here are some tips to make your solo backpacking trip a safe one.
Posted by Steven Gillman

South Africa Safari Top Five National Parks and Game Reserves

Which national parks and game reserves would you visit if you went on safari to South Africa? This top five list will give you an excellent indication of the best ones that you shouldn't miss.
Posted by Bruce Whittaker

Spain´s Beaches - You´re Spoilt For Choice

Spain´s great success as a top tourist destination was founded on its beautiful beaches. So, what makes them so special?
Posted by Linda Plummer

Spanish Courses in Spain

Spain: sun, sea, sand and Spanish... discover us! Spain, a golden country in the heart of Europe and gateway to the Americas. A mini continent blessed with sunshine and charisma and overflowing with culture, history, art, flamenco and mouth watering tapas.
Posted by Manu Rodriguez

Stay Out of That Old Mine!

It seems like the most adventurous thing in the world. That dark opening in the hillside beckons, tantalizes, excites. What wondrous treasures await discovery inside? What artifacts might remain i...
Posted by Sandin Phillipson

Stay Warm - A Backpacking Skill

Knowing how to stay warm when backpacking can save your life. It can also help you go lighter and more safely.
Posted by Steven Gillman

Student Travel – Backpacking In Europe

For the fortunate few, life isn't complete without a backpacking trip through Europe. This right of passage is believed to further the maturation process of college students, according to sociologists. Of course, others have opined that copious amounts of alcohol, sun and Amsterdam have something to do with it. Regardless of your purpose, you still have to figure out what to take.
Posted by Richard Chapo

Survival in the Wilderness: What to Do, What You Need

When you're in wilderness, a nice, sunshiny day can turn into frightening weather in just hours or even minutes. This article explains what you need to do if you're caught in severe weather and what you should always take with you when hiking into the wilderness.
Posted by Douglas Hanna

Take a Hiking Pole on Your Next Hike

It is the downhill ski racing competition of the winter Olympics. You watch a ski racer zoom down the slope manoeuvering through the ski gates. However, you notice that something is missing.
Posted by Monica Marty

Taking an Alaskan Cruise – What to Pack

Packing in general can be a hassle. But when going on an Alaskan cruise, it can be even harder because of the colder weather. Here are some general suggestions to make this task a little easier.
Posted by Susan Daniel

Tamil Nadu – A potpourri of culture and festivity

Tamil Nadu is a delightful anachronism. With a rich culture reaching back to the early dawn of history, the land of Temples is also a modern developing state. Tamil Nadu, Jewel of the South, is well known as a tourist destination in India. With a past brimming with superior cultural and artistic achievements, tourists flock to Tamil Nadu mainly for its historical heritage. But there's moreÂ…
Posted by Roozbegh Gazdar

Tanzania Safari Top Five National Parks and Game Reserves

So you've decided that you want to go on safari in Tanzania and now you need to answer the question of which of the numerous wildlife destinations within the country will be the best to visit. This list ranks the top five national parks and game reserves in Tanzania.
Posted by Bruce Whittaker

Ten African Safari Tips That You Must Know Before You Go

A little bit of pre-knowledge can go a long way on an African safari trip. Here are ten indispensable tips that will improve your own safari experience greatly.
Posted by Bruce Whittaker

Ten Skills - A Backpacking List

If you want a safer and more enjoyable trip into the wilderness, learn a few skills first. This backpacking list will get you started.
Posted by Steven Gillman

Tent and Outdoor Gear Care and Repair

You should seal all floor seams and those seams on the rainfly. This will make the tent waterproof. If the manufacturer already taped the seams, get some seam sealer anyway and...
Posted by William TheCampingGuide

The American Picnic – Make Yours Memorable

If you are planning a picnic or just want to get away for awhile, make your next picnic event memorable with some easy picnic ideas.
Posted by Beverly Marshall

The Benefits of Inflatable Fishing Boats

Inflatable fishing boats are great yacht tenders/camping boats that are light enough to be carried in a backpack. Some 8-foot inflatable fishing boats are good for two and gear, and are large enough to float in moderate whitewater rivers.
Posted by Kristy Annely

The Benefits of One Day Hiking Trips

Do you like to take one day hiking trips? Do you want to take hiking trips on trails near your home? One day hiking trips have a number of advantages.
Posted by Monica Marty

The Best Backpacking Food

Which backpacking food is best is just an opinion, of course, but there are reasons why some foods are better than others.
Posted by Steven Gillman

The Best Safari Company for Your Safari Trip - Here's How To Choose

Choosing between the multitude of safari companies for your trip can be a mind boggling experience. Follow these three steps to ensure that you make the right choice.
Posted by Bruce Whittaker

The Cast of Culture in South Africa

Drive along one of South Africa's scenic strips and you will notice a landscape composed of a backdrop of wide open spaces, blue mountains and blood-red sunsets. These scenes abound, but given the nature of the culture in South Africa, your attention could swiftly switch to a small boy gallantly escorting herds of cattle, end to end, over a rainbow-like walkway crossing one of the largest and busiest highways in South Africa. Culture makes Africa special and aside from beautiful landscapes, this kind of exuberant and contrasting culture in South Africa is what you really should experience.
Posted by Gregory Hudson

The Classy Way to Do WA

All that driving through desert -- what kind of holiday is that? But Western Australia has much more than stretches of sandy horizon. Doing a road-trip along the South-West coast is likely to see you surfing massive waves, climbing giant trees, strolling with the goats, and, best of all, drinking ridiculously fabulous wines.
Posted by Alyssa Betts

The Different Styles of Tents Available

There are many different styles of tent and this article looks at some of the different reasons for using some of the different makes of tent.
Posted by Ian Wide
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