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How To Buy a Used RV - Part 2

The key to getting a good bargin, instead of a lemon, when buying your used RV is knowing what to look for. Here is a useful checklist to help with your search.
Posted by William H Smith

How To Get The Most Out Of Your Trekking Poles

How to get the most out of your trekking poles is one of the biggest concerns while considering buying a new pair or using your existing trekking poles. To get most out of your trekking poles, you need to consider two things:
Posted by Mats Lundkvist

How to Grab a Bite to Eat and Help the Planet

You CAN grab something to eat, enjoy every bite, AND help the planet...
Posted by Andrea J. Lee

How to Repair an Inflatable Boat

The owner can attempt small inflatable boat repair if factory-gluing instructions are followed closely. Rips and holes larger than one inch in the air chambers, or those within two inches of a seam, should be repaired with internal and external patches by a professional repair technician at a certified repair facility.
Posted by Kristy Annely

How to Save Money AND help the planet

Don't all of us love to have the money to do the fun things that bring us joy? Not that all fun things require money, mind you, on the contrary! But have you ever wanted to read that awesome-looking new book, eat at that new green restaurant in town or throw a party for friends and family...only to be short a little cash?
Posted by Andrea J. Lee

Improving Your Aim

Winning in paintball is all about getting your aim correct and shoot down your opponents. This article examines how to improve your aim and get your opponents right on target.
Posted by Christopher Reeve

Inflatable Boat Trailers

An inflatable boat trailer is needed if the user has a Rigid Inflatable Boat (RIB), since those boats have only a deflatable collar surrounding a solid hull. RIB's are regular boats in many ways. A true inflatable boat does not need a trailer but in some cases the user may want one.
Posted by Kristy Annely

Inflatable Boats: An Overview

Inflatable boats are made from flexible material, usually rubber, canvas, or neoprene, and hold air at high volume but low pressure. They need to be fitted with a frame to which an oarlock mount is firmly attached. Such frames are either made of metal or wood, or a combination of the two.
Posted by Kristy Annely

Inflatable Pontoon Boats

Bryce Whitmore designed the modern whitewater inflatable pontoon boat, and in fact designed several models. The one that has been produced the most is a three-tube model of unparalleled maneuverability and load bearing capacity. This boat which is fourteen feet overall, can carry 6 passengers, their baggage, and a guide.
Posted by Kristy Annely

Ireland Golf Vacations – Top Tips To Help You Plan an Ireland Golf Vacation

An Ireland golf vacation can fulfil all of your golfing dreams. Ireland golf vacations are easy to organise and there are many Ireland golf vacation packages available. You can buy an organised Ireland golf tour or plan your own Ireland golf vacation by following the tips given by Gary Hill in this article. An Ireland golf vacation is a "slice" of heaven so let yourself be "hooked" and read on...
Posted by Gary Hill

Is There Such A Thing As A Romantic Camping Getaway In Minnesota?

Norm Goldman, Editor of Sketchandtravel and Bookpleasures interviews travel author and expert on Minnesota Camping, Tom Watson. Read what Tom has to say about romantic camping in Minnesota and other topics...
Posted by Norm Goldman

It's an Alien World in Every River

When you look at a river, what do you see? A few flies on top? A fish or two? Look closer. Lay down on your chest at the side of the river and stare down into it. Look at a rock or a stick. Not...
Posted by Jason Neuswanger

Japanese Garden of Monaco

In a multinational state like Monaco, the Japanese Garden brings a sample of the culture of the land of the Rising Sun to complete the picture.
Posted by Lara Cioc

Join the American Hiking Society

Have you taken up hiking as a new form of family recreation? Are you a serious hiker that spends hours on challenging trails? Do you want to find a way to become more involved in hiking across the nation?
Posted by Monica Marty

Journey to Haypress Creek

It was the end of my first year as a graduate student, and my personal stock had risen somewhat due to long hours of hard work. Now a fabulous opportunity presented itself in the form of a research ...
Posted by Sandin Phillipson

Kayak Travel and Trips

If you love the thrill and adventure of kayak travel, the waters and lakes are yours to explore! Mankind has always been drawn to the sea and a kayak trip is truly one of the ultimate highs as far as kayak travel is concerned.
Posted by Tom Laing

Kenya Safari Top Five National Parks

Kenya is arguably one of the best countries in Africa to go on safari in but not all the national parks there are created equal. This top five list gives an idea of which ones have the edge.
Posted by Bruce Whittaker

Kerala – Holiday in God's Own Country

Touted as one of the world's fifty destinations of a lifetime by the National Geographic, Kerala has certainly earned its position on the holiday travel bandwagon.
Posted by Roozbegh Gazdar

Kerala Backwaters - Gently Down the Stream

The quaint little balcony was large enough to accommodate two cane chairs, a table and little else. To reach it we had to climb over the ledge of our bedroom window and since the projection had no protective railing we had to be careful not to trip or fall over into the water below.
Posted by Roozbegh Gazdar

Lightweight Backpacking: How Light?

Are you tired of heavy backpacks? Maybe it's time to try lightweight backpacking, but how light should you go?
Posted by Steven Gillman

Malaria Prevention - Five Ways to Avoid Catching It on Safari

By taking a few simple precautions you can greatly diminish the risk of catching malaria on a safari trip to Africa.
Posted by Bruce Whittaker

Mammoth Cave: One of the Most Beautiful in Our National Park System

Of all the parks protected by our national park system, Mammoth Cave is certainly one of the most beautiful and one of the most popular. A great vacation destination.
Posted by Norm Rogers

Maples for Autumn Colour

As the weather cools in late summer and the days shorten noticeably so the deciduous trees and shrubs begin to withdraw chlorophyll from their leaves in preparation for the winter shutdown. With less of that vital green pigment to mask them, the other colours within the leaves begin to show through. While the best of the autumn color may be over for this year, the coming winter months are the time to consider how best to prepare for next years autumn glory.
Posted by Geoff Bryant

Motorhome Camp Grounds Stalls should be Astroturf

Having traveled from state to state and every city in the United States over 10,000 population occasionally staying at motor home camp grounds it seems that a few new ideas might be worthy of mention. Motor home campgrounds generally consist of a cement parking stall, which is level and then hook ups for electricity, water, waste and Cable TV if you so need it.
Posted by Lance Winslow

Mount Chimborazo: Climbing Glaciers Near The Equator

Climbing up glaciers to the furthest point from the center of the Earth, I discovered that the guide didn't speak a word of English. That was good, since I didn't want to tell him it was the first time I had used an ice axe and crampons.
Posted by Steven Gillman

Mount Kenya – Up High at God's Mountain

How to save the forests of Mount Kenya has long engaged environmentalist Wangari Maathai-the 2004 Nobel Peace Prize winner. She was born on the lower slopes of the mountain and has in her lifetime witnessed the changes up at the mountain.
Posted by Andrew Muigai

My Five-Ounce Sleeping Bag

A Five-Ounce Sleeping Bag!? This is my invention for backpackers who want to really travel light.
Posted by Steven Gillman

Mystic Seaport Captured – Links to Our Past Guide, Part 3

Mystic Seaport celebrates the seafaring past of New England. Known as The Museum of America and the Sea, the seaport is an entertaining journey through 19th century nautical life. Here's what you'll see and how to get the best out of your trip.
Posted by Cliff Calderwood

Navigating on the Mountain, in Water, or in Woods there is an eTrex Unit For You

Truly a small wonder, the eTrex takes the best features of a 12 parallel channel GPS receiver and put them into a six ounce package that is only four inches high and two inches wide. The result is a unit that will literally fit in the palm of your hand.
Posted by Niall Kennedy

New Technologies in Camping and Outdoor Clothing Enhance the Outdoor Experience

Camping is an excellent way to explore and experience the outdoors. The weather needn't be an obstacle to what sorts of climates and places you might trek to. Outdoor clothing has become incredibly innovative in its designs and features, allowing the adventurous at heart to know no limits.
Posted by Valerie Giles
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