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Discover Knott's Berry Farm

Of course you know about Southern California's premier attraction, Disneyland in Anaheim, but did you know that less than ten (10) minuets down the freeway, in Buena Park, is another great amusement park, Knott's Berry Farm. Knott's Berry Farm, America's first theme park, is located...
Posted by David Hallstrom

Discover The Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden In Arcadia California

In The city of Arcadia California, right next door to Pasadena you will find The Los Angeles County Arboretum & Botanic Garden, a beautiful and peaceful 127 acre botanical garden and historical site jointly operated by the Los Angeles Arboretum Foundation and the Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation.
Posted by David Hallstrom

Disneyland for Hikers: A Walk to Mt. Whitney

Base camp sits at 12,000 feet — stark, windy, unshaded from the blazing August sun, but an otherwise great place to stop for a snack. Voices echo across cold granite as the breeze wraps around dozens...
Posted by Jill Homer

Don't Forget that Camping Gear Checklist Before You Leave on that Family Camping Adventure

A camping gear checklist is an important tool to help you prepare and pack for that annual family camping trip. The last thing you want to remember about that camping trip is how you forgot that one piece of important gear and made the whole family unhappy. Remember to check and double check that list before you leave. Online resource to discount camping gear, equipment and supplies like backpacks, sleeping bags, tents, camping furniture, and other camping stuff.
Posted by L Dente

Drive Me to WA Today!

Doing a road trip in Western Australia isn't for the lily-livered or faint-hearted. Taking on this colossal half-continent means you need a plan, Stan. So here's some ideas for driving up WA's endless coastline...
Posted by Alyssa Betts

Driving in Greece - How Bad is it?

The Greeks have a bad reputation in Europe for their driving skills, but what is it really like and what particular precautions should you take?
Posted by Emmanuel Mendonca

Edible Wild Plants For Backpackers

Learning to identify a few of the most common edible wild plants can make for a much richer backpacking experience.
Posted by Steven Gillman

Eight Tips For A Bug-Free Summer

(NC)-With approximately 42,000 mosquitoes for every person in Ontario, most of us spend a great deal of our summers swatting away these pesky insects. Protecting yourself against mosquitoes will not ...
Posted by Brian Aw

Experience The Real Florida

40 million visitors come to Florida every year and most visit the world famous theme parks. However, while Walt Disney's Mickey Mouse is known the world over, Florida is host to another mouse that is just as special and the key to exploring the real Florida...
Posted by Don Philpott

Find a Camping Gear Outlet Near You

Resource guide to discount camping equipment, gear and supplies like backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, camping furniture, and other camping stuff.
Posted by L Dente

Find Outdoor Camping Gear Online at Great Discount Prices

Online resource guide for outdoor camping gear and supplies including backpacks, tents, sleeping bags, camping furniture and other camp stuff.
Posted by L Dente

Finding Adventure In Little Things

We recently planted our saskatoon berry trees. I am sure those of you who live in Saskatchewan know exactly what I am talking about. For the 99.99999% of Internet readers who have never even heard ...
Posted by David Leonhardt

Gambling Isn't the Only Thing to do in Las Vegas

Do you think the only thing to do in Las Vegas is gamble? Would you believe that there are a multitude of great hiking trails in a place where all-you-can-eat casino buffets are par for the course?
Posted by Monica Marty

GOA – A Carnival of Beaches

The state of Goa on the West coast of India, is located in the coastal belt known as Konkan. While this tourist magnet has much to offer: old churches, carnival atmosphere, Portuguese flavour, wildlife, nature and tantalizing cuisine, yet, mention Goa and the first, often only, image that flashes in one's mind is of the BEACHES.
Posted by Roozbegh Gazdar

Going it Alone: The Waterfall at Mendenhall Glacier, Alaska

I stood at the observation point on the balcony at the Visitor Center overlooking the great Mendenhall Glacier at Juneau, Alaska. Before me was a beautiful scene. The glacier reflected in the large l...
Posted by Theresa Gabriel

Great Family Camping Trips Make Excellent Traditions

A wonderful way to invest in your families' treasure trove of memories is by spending time in the great outdoors. Camping trips can be an excellent tradition that your family will look forward to and in time, look back upon with fond memories.
Posted by Valerie Giles

Great Indian Holidays

Holidays in India, awesome in her size and diversity. This virtual sub-continent, stretches from the lofty Himalyas , a series of 2000km long mountain ranges in the north, to the extensive deserts in the west, the lush evergreen forest in the south to the far-flung sub Himalayan forests in the North East.
Posted by Roozbegh Gazdar

Greek Food

General information and tips about food in Greece for visitors.
Posted by Yannis Moraitis

Hard Labor Creek State Park Earned Its Name

One afternoon during a trip across the country in our fifth wheel, we were racing the sun to an RV park before sunset. We were driving through Georgia and convenient RV parks near the highway were sparse. Hard Labor Creek State Park was near our path and reachable before dark.
Posted by Charles Kerekes

Hawaii Snorkeling - An Underwater Paradise

A Hawaii snorkeling trip wll be one that will stay in your mind a long time. Here's some things to consider!
Posted by Keith Thompson

Hawaii Volcano Tour

A Hawaii volcano tour will take your breath away, and may singe your hair! Seriously, checking out Mauna Kea and getting up close and personal with the Kilauea lava flows will sear memories for a lifetime!
Posted by Keith Thompson

Highpointing: It's Not Just For Mountaineers

Mount Sunflower, Kansas. Ebright Azimuth, Delaware. Hawkeye Point, Iowa. Hoosier High Point, Indiana. They may not have the name recognition of Mount McKinley (Denali), Mount Rainier, Mount Whitney, ...
Posted by Diane Winger

Hiking from Your Own Home

Picture this. You are stuck at home knee deep in household chores. Your mind wanders from taking out the trash to hiking on a scenic trail with heart pumping terrain.
Posted by Monica Marty

Hiking in the Forest Knowing When to Slow Down

One morning in mid summer, I headed out for some time to myself on the trails of Fontenelle Forest in Bellevue, Nebraska. As usual, I stopped in at the Visitor Center to pay the entrance fee, then go...
Posted by Theresa Gabriel

Hiking Safely on the Hills

Are you an Outdoors Virgin! Do you wonder what to take with you when in the middle of nowhere?
Posted by Michael Jozefiak

Hiking Shoes Versus Hiking Boots

Do you want to take off those heavy, hot hiking boots and walk in comfort on your next backpacking trip? You can.
Posted by Steven Gillman

Hiking Trails Mt. Washington Valley NH - Trekking trails USA

Mt. Washington, the highest of the Northeast USA peaks in New Hampshire, and home to the the worst weather in the world; a record 231 mph was recorded in 1934! Beautiful winter scenery, rock climbing, skiing and hiking fun for everyone!
Posted by Michael Jozefiak

Holidays in Goa

Sun, Sand and Surf – an apt description for Goa? But Goa is much more. Ancient temples and old churches? Yes. Portuguese Colony? Carnival City? The original refuge of the hippies? Yes again! Beach Paradise, India's holiday capital… the list goes on.
Posted by Roozbegh Gazdar

How Are Minerals Formed?

Have you ever gazed in awe at an exquisite mineral specimen and wondered just how Nature's incredible forces could have crafted something so beautiful, delicate or richly coloured? Read on!
Posted by Michael Jozefiak

How To Buy a Used RV - Part 1

If you are on a tight budget and can't afford a new model RV you might consider buying a used RV. Here are a few suggestions for finding a used, affordable RV
Posted by William H Smith
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