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FTC Names Dirty Dozen Email Scams

The Federal Trade Commission is responsible for issuing and enforcing rules for consumer issues on the Internet. As part of this process, the FTC has published a list of the 12 scams you are most likely to receive as email.
Posted by Richard Chapo

FTC Requires Companies To Destroy Consumer Records

On June 1, 2005, the Federal Trade Commission issued new regulations requiring companies to destroy certain consumer records. The specific rule requires consumer information such as credit reports to be physically destroyed after it is used.
Posted by Richard Chapo

Full Circle

When the founding fathers came to draw up a constitution, although all of them had been born and bred in what Thomas Jefferson described as the “orthodox doctrines of British liberties,� they necessarily found but scant guidance looking at the English model because that country had never found it necessary to write down a constitution.
Posted by Charles Parselle

Getting Legal Help for an Asbestos Related Injury

Asbestos is now linked with a range of injuries and diseases. Some asbestos related injuries that can be sustained through unprotected exposure to this material include: pleural effusion, pleural plaques, rounded atelectasis, asbestosis, and pleural thickening. But perhaps the most worrying - and deadliest - effect of exposure to asbestos is mesothelioma.
Posted by Craig Rowe

Got a Case? It Takes a Team Effort to Win

After you hire an attorney, you work is not done. You can do a lot to help (or hurt) your case. Since you usually get one shot at winning a claim, follow these 10 tips to make the most of your legal challenge.
Posted by Carolyn Wright

Grandparents' Motion for Visitation with a Grandchild

This article provides a free sample form that can be used in Tennessee (and modified by an attorney for use in other states) to enable grandparents to seek visitation rights with one or more grandchildren. Grandparents do not have automatic rights of visitation, but they should be encouraged to seek (court-ordered) visitation if it is in the best interests of the child.
Posted by Dr. Michael A. S. Guth

Guarantees are Legal

guarantee is a written promise by you (the guarantor) that the person who is obtaining credit (the debtor or borrower) will keep to all the terms and conditions of their contract (the credit contract, or loan agreement).
Posted by Peter Viliamu

Have You Heard About The Prepaid Legal Systems?

This article provides a basic understanding of how prepaid legal systems work and whether they are a boon are bane for the average consumer.
Posted by Vinodh Pushparaj

Help! Finding A Lawyer

Chances are if you are looking for a lawyer you are at a very stressful time in your life, and are overwhelmed. It doesn't have to be as hard or as costly as you think to find a good lawyer.
Posted by Ryan Fyfe

Honoring the Copyrights of Composers, Too

Many photographers use music to enhance their photography. But since music is a work protected by copyright law, make sure that you honor the copyright of the composer, too.
Posted by Carolyn Wright

How Do I Choose a Good Personal Injury Lawyer?

Sound advice with no hidden agenda! This information includes no hype, is totally unbiased, and will help anyone understand personal injury much better.
Posted by Matt Clarkson

How Much is Your Case Worth?

Evaluating personal injury claims is a tricky business. In the past six years my firm, CapTran, has underwritten 10,000 requests for pre-settlement advances by plaintiffs. We have never had anyone tell us that their case was not a “slam dunk� or that they were not going to get a substantial settlement. We are always told the insurance company is going to settle quickly because their case and/or attorney are so good. Our experience tells us – baloney!
Posted by Wayne Walker

How the Jury System Should be Reformed

Our current jury system is ailing. It is beginning to fail us. O.J. Simpson being found not guilty is just one example of that problem. People with loads of evidence against them are found not guilty, while others with far less evidence against them are found guilty. Mass murderers are often sentenced to life in prison, while many others who commit just one murder are sentenced to death. People tried separately for the same crime often get much different verdicts and/or much different sentences. Something needs to be done.
Posted by Terry Mitchell

How To Avoid Injury Compensation Claim Dilemmas

Amazing isn't it when a salesperson gets you to sign some documents and briefly explains what it entails. Only to discover at the end of an injury compensation claim that it wasn't mentioned. And only to be told then 'well, it's all in black and white and you signed the papers'...
Posted by Mumtaz Shah

How to Become a Notary Public

Becoming a notary public in the U.S., thereby serving as witness to the signing of documents and an administrator of oaths, does not require special training or experience. Many states offer notary public classes to help aspiring notaries gain their commission.
Posted by Kent Pinkerton

How to Find Public Domain Content

Looking for free public domain content -- all perfectly legal?
Posted by Joey Robichaux

How to Find the Right Lawyer for Your Small Business

an artcle on how to find the right lawyer for small business owners...
Posted by John Lee

How To Give Notice of Copyright On Your Works

The use of a copyright notice is no longer required under U. S. law, but you should still give notice whenever possible. Because prior law did contain such a requirement, however, the use of notice is still relevant to the copyright status of older works.
Posted by Richard Chapo

How To Incorporate Yourself Without a Lawyer

You could save hundreds of dollars by incorporating yourself without a lawyer. How? Is it advisable to do so?
Posted by J. Stephen Pope

How To Keep Attorney Fees DOWN in a Child Case

Simple suggestions of things you can do NOW to keep your attorney fees as low as possible, and actually add value to your lawyer's representation!
Posted by Erik Carter

How To Make A Successful Car Accident Claim

If making a claim for compensation has diluted your thoughts over the years thanks to large corporate companies gone bankrupt. You can now broaden your horizons as that's history and personal injury compensation has entered a new era.
Posted by Mumtaz Shah

How To Make A Successful Road Accident Claim

Everyone is trying to discover a perfect solution for pursuing an accident claim that has no catches. If you learn the tricks before they're made against you, what are the chances of success?
Posted by Mohammad Latif

How to Patent Your Invention

A patent is a government granted right that allows the inventor to exclude anyone else from making, using or selling the invention in the country that issued the patent. The government grants this ri...
Posted by Neil Armand

How To Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

Identity theft is America's fastest-growing crime. Protect yourself with these tips and you'll have a much better chance avoiding it.
Posted by Gary Gresham

How to Respond After Identity Theft Occurs

Identity theft has become one of the most frequently reported crimes. But, maybe you are asking yourself: What is identity theft? I am glad you asked. Identity theft is the wrongful use of your name, birth date, social security number as well as financial records and banking information.
Posted by Gary Cain

How to Select a Lawyer

Whether you need a lawyer for business or personal matters, the selection process is remarkably similar.
Posted by Ira C. Miller

How to Select a Patent Attorney

Could you use a little help protecting your invention? If so, an attorney skilled in patent law is your best bet.
Posted by Lisa Parmley

How to Start an Online Bankruptcy Forms Processing Service

Due to the dramatic increase in technology, business professionals now have the ability to outsource their skills and earn extra money working from home as a bankruptcy forms processor. Unlike an attorney or notary public, a bankruptcy forms processor does not have jurisdictional limits. In other words, a bankruptcy forms processor could live in Yellow Springs, Ohio and prepare bankruptcy petitions, pleadings, Motions and other court documents for attorneys practicing in California, New York or any other U.S. state.
Posted by Victoria Ring

How to Talk to the Police if Your Suspected of a Crime

If you're suspected of a crime, the police can come to your house or work or find you on the street to talk to you. Usually it will be a detective in plain clothes in an unmarked car who will want to...
Posted by Susan Chana Lask

How to Waste Thousands of Dollars And Cause Yourself Years Of Misery

A story of how one man's ignorance about how to handle himself before, during, and after a drunk driving investigation cost him dearly. His story could be yours...
Posted by Franklin Pierce
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