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 How To Make A Successful Road Accident Claim - Legal tips - Product at
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How To Make A Successful Road Accident Claim

Posted by Mohammad Latif

Everyone is trying to discover a perfect solution for pursuing an accident claim that has no catches. If you learn the tricks before they're made against you, what are the chances of success?

How long can you glue your eyes to the road for a long journey? It can be boring... very boring. Tired, exhausted, shattered but still driving towards your destination. You always plan for a safe journey, but somethings don't always go according to plan. Your car breaks down or an accident occurs. Now this is more devastating on a motorway than on a normal street road and the last thing that will cross your mind is a road accident claim!

In the first instinct, you'll think how could it have happened or how stupid that other person was. You wish it didn't happen. Secondly, you're injured, and thirdly, it's going to take a couple of hours before your family finds out...

Anyway back to the scene, you're concerned about other lives involved in the accident. Whilst this is happening, people at the back of the traffic don't have a clue about what's happened 3 miles up.

The police, fire brigade and ambulance crew have just zoomed past them and now they know it's going to be a couple of hours wait. Windows go up, air conditioning is activated and the music plays...

Now this wasn't planned

Accidents happen in the thousands that we don't even know locally sometimes. But people are either seriously injured and are suffering. At the time they just want to recover peacefully. But that is not always the case. Once a claim management company hears about the accident, the who, what and where, they rush to investigate.

Then you'll hear all kind of crap, to get you to sign some papers for your injury, car and recovery. 95% of the time it's a blag (lie)! Then they'll either follow you to the hospital or find out where you live. But since the incident is in such tension, claim companies nagging at you, police breathalysing you and all the noise is giving you a headache... sorry, migraine. You just want peace and quiet.

A road accident is never the same

...therefore a road accident claim can never be the same. It's unique. But you can get companies saying the same thing to you as they did at the previous accident scene. We'll do this for you and this is what you'll get paid out.

Think about it...

If a person has received XXXX amount in compensation, does that really mean that you will get the same? I doubt it! It's a selling technique. That person might have been a female, twice as old as you, wears glasses, has a hearing aid and this list could go on...

Don't give in to these people, seek specialist advice first before signing anything, even to your insurance company. The insurance company looks after their pockets and claim management companies after theirs. It's your road accident claim, so think before you act! You can also be a passenger, cyclist or pedestrian.

Claims don't get settled over night or in a couple of weeks as some might say. 'We'll settle your case in 4 months'. Tempting, isn't it?

It takes time for the investigation to complete from your GP (for the extent of injuries), police (record of the accident, but not always compulsory) and the most time consumers, the insurance companies. The people who pay you!

Letters going backward and forth, take time but some panel of solicitors can mutually work together to speed up the process. Solicitors who specialise in accident cases and have excellent knowledge are able to pursue quickly in these matters.

Now that you are geared with this knowledge, make a wise choice and don't fall for 'tricks'!

It's easy to proceed with a road accident claim and gain maximum results without the hassle, costs and confusion. Learn the 12 revolutions of the new era at

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