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Copyright Licensing Issues

When you own a copyright to a photograph, you have complete and exclusive control of how it is reproduced, displayed and distributed. These rights may be assigned, sold, transferred or given away. If you decide to authorize others to use your copyright, also known as licensing, you may want to consider certain important items.
Posted by Carolyn Wright

Copyright Notice - Not Required But Helpful

You'll often see a copyright “notice� – the familiar © or the word “copyright� with a date and name of the copyright owner - posted on works of authorship. This copyright notice is no longer required for copyright protection, but it may be a good idea to use it.
Posted by Carolyn Wright

Copyright Owners - How to Protect Your Work

While you may own a copyright, you must protect it to keep its value. Here's what you can do.
Posted by Carolyn Wright

Copyright Transfer - Read the Fine Print Even on the Web

While you might think that you are safe from transfering your copyright when using the web to transmit your images, be careful. Although a copyright transfer must be in writing and signed by the copyright owner, the law has caught up with technology. You now can “sign� a document by responding electronically. A contract may be in any memorandum form, including electronic mail. It is “signed� by any mark, written, stamped or engraved, that demonstrates the intent to agree to the contract. So read the fine print before transmitting your images on the web to protect your copyrights.
Posted by Carolyn Wright

Copyright Transfer or License - How you can share your copyright and still keep it

You can transfer the copyright to an image, either by selling it or giving it away. If so, you give up all rights that you had in the image as if you never took the photograph. But the only way to give up a copyright to an image is in writing. Even when copies of a photo are distributed, the photographer retains the copyrights to the image. If you give your client copies of the digital files, without more, you are not giving up your copyrights.
Posted by Carolyn Wright

Copyrights IN Your Photographs

You take a picture of a city street. Look closely and you'll see copyrighted material everywhere in your photo. The obvious copyrights are on the billboard, the newspaper stand and products in the store window. The less obvious copyrights are in the sculptural ornamentation of the lamppost, the patterned fabric of a woman's skirt and the toy the kid is holding. You will never be able to track down all of these copyright owners to get their permission to use the photo. Are you out of luck if you want to use it commercially? Maybe not.
Posted by Carolyn Wright

Copyrights Owners - The Right to Reproduce

As a copyright holder, you have the sole rights to determine whether and how that image is reproduced. But if you aren't careful, you can lose that right.
Posted by Carolyn Wright

Cost-Crunching Counsel: Nine Keys to Controlling Costs and Improving Legal Services for Your Busines

Attorneys are all about money, right?
Posted by Dan Harris

Costs: The Ignored Remedy

An innocent accused charged with tax crimes (i.e., evasion) can, in certain circumstances, recover costs from the Crown. Most acquittals will not merit an award of costs, but for those rare cases where serious Crown misconduct is present and demonstrable, there are things which can be done to recover costs.
Posted by Marc Holterman

Crime and Criminology

“If a little knowledge is dangerous, where is the man who has so much as to be out of danger� – t.h. Huxley
Posted by Adil Waseem

Criminal Identity Theft - A Step Beyond

Ask anyone who's ever been robbed of their identity, and they'll tell you that it typically takes years to recover from such a violation. This extremely personal crime goes far beyond using someone else's name to make a hefty purchase at a department store.
Posted by Nikki Greene

Criminal Law and Its Administration in Pakistan

The jurisdiction of subject matter is often vested on that subject where special investigating agency or special court is constituted for administration of these offences. The criminal court and investigating agency exercise their jurisdiction on particular subject matter that jurisdiction is derived from special law enforceable in Pakistan.
Posted by Adil Waseem

Criminal Law Information

Criminal law (also known as penal law) is the body of law that punishes criminals for committing offences against the state. The goal of this process is that of achieving criminal justice.
Posted by Steve Austin

Criminal Law Procedure

In a criminal case, the government generally brings charges in one of two ways: either by accusing a suspect directly in a "bill of information" or other similar document, or by bringing evidence before a grand jury to allow that body to determine whether the case should proceed. If there is, then the defendant is indicted.
Posted by Steve Austin

Data Protection: Abuse of Process - Damage

The case of Austen v University of Wolverhampton (2005), confirms that in order for a claim under the Data Protection Act 1998 ("the Act") to succeed, there must be evidence of damage and court proceedings must be a proportionate action.
Posted by Rosanna Cooper

Data Protection: New Interpretation of the Data Protection Act

Data Protection is an area of law that impacts on all businesses that process personal data of individuals. Every individual has a right to request the data that an organisations holds about him or her and this article deals with what information an organisation should disclose to an individual when it receives such a request.
Posted by Rosanna Cooper

Database Hacks - Are Banks Required To Notify You?

Ever wonder if banks are required to tell customers when their systems are hacked? You may be shocked to learn that they are not.
Posted by Richard Chapo

Deeds of Variation - Are They Justified?

A look at the purpose of Deeds of Variation, the legal requirements and whether they are justified.
Posted by Janine Byrne

Deeds Variation - The 2 Year Rule

There seems to be much confusion about the use of Deeds of Variation after 2 years of death. This article examines the rule and clarifies the application of such Deeds.
Posted by Janine Byrne

Defective Product Lawyer Says: Buyer Be Aware

In the past, the rule of the day was “buyer beware�. It was up to consumers to inform and protect themselves from irresponsible companies and dangerous products. Now companies are legally required to provide reasonably safe products. If companies produce dangerous or defective products, consumers can sue them for the injuries suffered as a result. Strict product liability makes everyone in the production process, from component manufacturers to distributors, responsible for the safety of the product.
Posted by Anna Henningsgaard

Defective Products

Have you ever noticed how many warning labels are on things? As a child I always especially noticed the tag on the hair dryer because it addressed me directly: “Warn children of the risk of death by electrocution�. The 1994 Safety Regulations on general product safety require suppliers to provide safe products. Among the hundreds of products included are clothing, medicines, agricultural and horticultural products, DIY tools, food and drink, household goods, nursery goods, chemicals and pesticides, and motor vehicles.
Posted by Anna Henningsgaard

Defending Your Relationship

A power of attorney is a legal document that allows you to dictate who you would like to make decisions on your behalf. While there are many useful purposes for a power of attorney, they are especial...
Posted by James Wood

Defense Lawyers, Do You Need One?

Sometimes people end up in trouble and in need of a defense lawyer. If this is you, the first thing you need to do is find a qualified defense lawyer to pull you out of it. But, where will you look? Should you rely on the court appointed defense lawyers as your defense lawyers?
Posted by S. A. Baker

Dental and Medical Collection Legal Guidelines

Every medical and dental practice has to deal with patients who do not pay. If it doesn't deal with such patients, the costs will simply be passed on to other patients - the practice may simply suffer or fold.
Posted by Steve Austin

Depositions- Can I Be In the Room When You Question The Doctor Who Botched My Surgery?

Learn why it's not a good idea for you to be in the room when your doctor is questioned by your malpractice attorney.
Posted by Gerry Oginski

DNA Evidence - History and Status

This article discusses the history and current status of the use of DNA evidence in the United States.
Posted by Nick Smith

Do You Need A Paralegal Certificate?

Paralegal certificate programs are offered by most colleges and universities, as well as online. Before enrolling in any program, make sure the program is approved by the American Bar Association. Paralegal certificate programs typically require a bachelor's degree, strong critical thinking and communication skills, a secure understanding of law ethics, a legal vocabulary, experience in a law office, and the ability to conduct legal interviews and research. Some programs also require a minimum college GPA.
Posted by Kent Pinkerton

Do Your Part To Stop Copyright Infringement

Who's fault is it when someone uses your copyright without permission? Is it the website host? The computer company? The software company? Don't blame the messenger. Do your part to stop copyright infringement.
Posted by Carolyn Wright

Don't Sit On Your Copyright Infringement Claim!

When someone infringes your copyright, you have a limited time to make your claim. This is based on a legal principle called “statute of limitations.� If someone uses your photo without your permission, don't sit on your claim.
Posted by Carolyn Wright

DUI - Driving Under the Influence

People who know about DUI usually just think that the influence is alcohol. That DUI is synonymous with drunk driving. Maybe so. The actual thing is, over-the-counter decongestants can also affect your driving skills...
Posted by Michael Sanford
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