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Do I Need A Real Estate Survey?

Although not required getting a survey done on your real estate property can tell you many things.
Posted by Shirley Turetsky

Do Open Houses Work?

What are the odds that you'll find your dream at a Sunday open house? What is the likelihood that your home will sell at an open house? Open houses are an integral part of the home sale business. But, do they work?
Posted by Scott Boulch

Do You Have the Correct Home Buyer Mindset to be Buying a Home?

By learning what you need to know and understanding what you need to know about buying a home ahead of time, you will be less likely to become so enalored with a particular property that you fall into the traps and pitfalls that are so often the result of irrational decision making by many home buyers.
Posted by Don Berthiaume

Do You Know What Design/Construct (or "Design/Build ) Means? I Think You Should!

These real questions on 'How To' build are answered by a US Master Builder and myself from the development viewpoint, after I received them from readers of my e-book, "Residential Development Made Easy."
Posted by Colm Dillon

Do You Need to Download a Landlord Inventory On-Line Today?

Find out why it is so important to have a fully comprehensive landlord inventory. Why paying a bit more for a professionally prepared landlord inventory can improve your cashflow as a landlord.
Posted by Jennifer Tweed

Do You Speak Real Estate?

Explanation of some common real estate terms/phrases.
Posted by Mark Walters

Do You Want To Sell Your Rehabs Fast?

That's an obvious question – we all do! So what is the trick? So much time and money is spent on systems updates, roofs, and structural issues, that many times there's nothing left for what really makes the sale: what your potential buyers see. And more importantly, what they fall in love with. (Read On)
Posted by Lou Castillo

Does Staging Work?

Staging can involve minimal effort on the part of a seller. Merely rearranging furniture can show a house off to advantage. For some sellers, however, staging a home for sale is a major production. It might include hiring a fix-up-for-sale decorator and renting a house full of furniture, complete with house plants and decorative art work.
Posted by Scott Boulch

Donald Trump on Real Estate

I love what Trump says about the business of real estate. I am a big believer in setting up business systems for all my clients. So it is cool to hear from a master like Trump about the importance of systems!
Posted by Thomas Kish

Don't be Tempted by "We Buy Houses" (Updated)

Do you want to sell your home right away? Don't be tempted by "We Buy Houses" or "Sell Your House in 9 days for Cash" ads and billboards. Real estate investor who looks for distressed houses with desperate sellers comes clean with tips for getting fair market value for your home.
Posted by Jeanette Joy Fisher

Don't Buy Ugly Houses!

Blake Watson explains why buying an ugly house usually requires major renovation, robbing you of your best opportunities for real estate investment.
Posted by Blake Watson

Don't Forget to Ask About Restrictive Covenants

Don't Forget to Ask About Restrictive Covenants...
Posted by Neda Dabestani-Ryba

Don't Get Stuck Having To Deal With The Seller's Household Hazardous Wastes - After You Move In!

I have a confession to make! I was just outside with Frankie (my dog) and noticed I still had an old car battery sitting by the foundation, at the rear of my house. Yes, I'll admit it's not right, and quite environmentally insensitive for me to have it there. However, even though I know I should have disposed of it by now, that fact is, it's still there. Seeing it there prompted me to think about, if I was selling my home, how easy something like that would me to 'forget' about and leave behind - for the buyers to deal with.
Posted by Don Berthiaume

Don't Just GET THE DEED - The Infamous "Kitchen Table Closing"

what you're describing is a little risky, yet it's done pretty often. It's a VERY good idea to get title exam run first, before doing a "kitchen table closing" and getting a Quitclaim Deed (QCD) from Seller, if you're not using/hiring a closing attorney to do a formal closing....
Posted by Lou Castillo

Don't Overpay for a House, Even in Today's Market

If there's one thing American investors love, it's an over-inflated market. Which is why they keep buying houses and new ones keep coming onto the market. According to the latest data, housing star...
Posted by Christopher Mallon

Don't Sell It Yourself

Do you think you'll save a lot of money if you sell it yourself? Get ready for a rude awakening, and call a good real estate agent.
Posted by Steven Gillman

Don't Sell Your House--Ever!

Keeping your existing house when you buy a new one could be THE most profitable financial decision you could make. Consider the following: 1. Second stream of income: When you move to another place a...
Posted by Neeraj Varma

Don't Just be a Real Estate Agent, be a Professional!

How can this one little thing change your business for the better? Find out in 30 seconds.
Posted by Michelle Shelton

Dramatic Profits From Preconstruction Real Estate Investing

In many parts of the country, people are cashing in on the demand for premium real estate properties. The author recently just made over $100,000 for a single, low risk investment. This article describes the processes involved.
Posted by Chris Anderson, PhD

Dubai or not to Buy? A Short Assessment of the Dubai Property Market

The temperature is continuing to rise in the Dubai property market, with hot new developments selling out in hours. But as speculators buy and sell property frantically, banks and builders try to slow the market down. Just how stable is the property market in Dubai.
Posted by Tracey Meagher

Easing Your Way Into Homeownership: A Guide To Low Down Payment Mortgage Programs

There's no question about it: Buying a first home is a big financial commitment. In most cases, a home is the largest single purchase an individual or family will make in a lifetime. However, beca...
Posted by W. Troy Swezey

Eight Out of Ten Millionaires Surveyed Made their Fortune in Real Estate - How?

Millions of ordinary people own Real Estate, yet nearly all struggle on a daily basis. They have jobs and bills, what do the 8/10 millionaires surveyed do differently with Real Estate that more then likely you don't? They control profits not assets.
Posted by Martin Thomson

Eleven Questions to Ask in an Agent Interview

Because you sign a contract to work with an agent to sell your home, it is important to choose the right one for you. Interview at least three agents before making a choice. Here are some questions to ask a prospective agent to represent you in the sale of your home:
Posted by Scott Boulch

Empty Nesters Flock To Inner City

Babyboomers whose children have left home, commonly known as "empty-nesters" are buying inner city apartments in record numbers. Director of Acton Special Projects, Marc Drexel says the trend is towards quality rather than mass developments. "The empty-nest market is growing and expanding with people wanting to reward themselves with a quality lifestyle property".
Posted by Thomas Murrell

Encouraging Debt

So many people think they're doing the right thing by not getting credit in some form. They hear on the television every day about people in debt so they live on a cash basis. When they want to buy a car or house they're told "you don't qualify because you don't have any credit".
Posted by Suzie Shannon


You Work Hard to Build It, Why Give It Away!
Posted by Mark Linton

Escalation Clauses – A Home Buyer's Secret Weapon

Today we discuss escalation clauses because much of the country is experiencing an extreme “sellers' market.� By that, I mean there are more buyers than there are sellers. If you are a buyer, how do you increase the chances that your offer will be the acceptable one? Escalation clauses are one tool.
Posted by Raynor James

Escrow Accounts – Are You Paying Too Much?

Many people are paying more than they need to into their escrow accounts. A simple check of your own account can save you thousands in interest over the course of your loan...
Posted by Yuri Szilasi

Escrow From a California Homeowner's Perspective

California home sellers learn what to expect during the escrow process...
Posted by Phyllis Harb

Essential Buyer's Guide for Overseas Real Estate

Don't leave your brain on the airplane when you step out in search of that dream overseas home, find out how to survive any unscrupulous sales practices and complicated buying processes with this essential guide for the overseas real estate buyer.
Posted by Rhiannon Williamson
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