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Home Selling: How To Set The Right Asking Price

Selling your home? It's important to set the right asking price if you want to sell your home in quick time. Read on to find out how you can go about setting the right asking price.
Posted by Sameer Panjwani

Home Selling: Making It Easy On Yourself!

It's a dream for many to buy and take ownership of a home. It's something one aspires for in their lifetime. On the other hand, when it comes to home selling, the task at hand may be little less of a sweet dream and more of a nuisance for many.
Posted by Sameer Panjwani

Home Staging Strategies

Are you selling your home? Who are you preparing your home to sell to? Home staging tips from design psychology expert Jeanette Fisher help you get top dollar for your home...
Posted by Jeanette Joy Fisher

Home Staging: How to Make Your Tract Home Stand Out in the Crowd

How do you make your home stand out from the crowd? How can you turn your property into a "hot" sale, even if the market's lukewarm? Interior design Professor Jeanette Fisher discusses the "Three M's" of Design Psychology strategies to stage your home for sale.
Posted by Jeanette Joy Fisher

Home Warranties: Are They Too Good To Be True?

Many people buy a home warranty thinking it will cover everything in the home no matter what. For many consumers, they find out too late that their policy doesn't cover as much as what they thought. In fact, the policy they've paid on for years may not cover anything in their homes!
Posted by Donald Lawson

Homebuyer Heaven Can't Possibly Last

With interest rates at record lows over the past year, there's really only one way for them to go, the only question is when.
Posted by David Cannell

Homes in Chapel Hill

With such a variety of homes in Chapel Hill, finding one that fits your budget and lifestyle should be a breeze. The home buying process, however, will take a little more work.
Posted by Brandon Bruce

Horses In My Back Yard

HORSE LOVERS: During my thirty years of selling rural land, and 55 years of being around horses, riding them, buying and selling them and growing up with a horseman, I have learned some things. One thing I've learned is that few people do enough research before deciding to buy a horse and some land for horses.
Posted by Jody Hudson

Houses For Sale By Owner - Negotiating Tips

You might think buying houses for-sale-by-owner would be the same as buying those listed with a real estate agent. There are differences, however - important ones.
Posted by Steven Gillman

Housing Froth Creating Imbalance for Consumers and Investors

Mark Nash real estate author, broker and national radio show host alerts buyers, investors and sellers of residential real estate of potential market changes in over-heated markets across the country.
Posted by Mark Nash

How Can I Stop Foreclosure on My House?

We understand the being in foreclosure is a scary thing. You are probably wondering how can I stop foreclosure on my house. There are many options available when facing foreclosure.
Posted by Mark Lambie

How Can Real Estate Investors Profit From The Internet?

The only three ways the Internet is effective for real estate investors.
Posted by Mark Walters

How Can the Average Person Build Wealth in Real Estate?

Books on real estate are a dime a dozen—and most focus on taking advantage of someone else's misfortune. They frequently describe lofty methods for buying and selling properties no ordinary citizen c...
Posted by Dan Auito

How Come No One Told Us About This When We Were Buying a Home?

When you're out buying a home, and you think you've found the perfect one, in a nice quiet place, simply because it is near a large open field, or the property you're looking at borders woods, doesn't mean it will or can stay that way in the future.
Posted by Don Berthiaume

How Do I Bring Consulting Into My Lease Purchase Business

As you are making your cold calls on property, you will run into sellers that are having a hard time selling, however, the numbers just don't work for you to take on the deal. Do you just say, "I can...
Posted by Sue and Chuck DeFiore

How Do I Fix Up a Home to Sell?

The first thing you need to do is stop thinking of your home as "home" and start thinking about it as a commodity that you want to sell. To be a successful seller you must detach yourself emotionally from your home and be brutally honest about how it should look in order to sell.
Posted by Scott Boulch

How Do I Implement The Lease Purchase Plan?

How to incorporate and implement lease purchasing in your creative real estate business.
Posted by Sue And Chuck DeFiore

How Do You Profit From O.P.P.?

Explains how to make a profit working with other people's property using the lease purchase strategy. This is last article of a three part series.
Posted by Sue And Chuck DeFiore

How Does Interest Rates Affect New Home Sales and Where's The Best Place To Build?

You need to get your thinking straight on issues like 'new home' starts and interest rates; where the market is moving; and what's new in building materials that are 'enviro' friendly. Let's get the wheat from the chaff...
Posted by Colm Dillon

How Home Buyer Rebates Work

Can you really get paid for buying a home? In today's tight housing market, many buyers are looking for ways to stretch their dollars far enough to make that dream home a reality. One little-known strategy that's gaining popularity with consumers is the home buyer rebate.
Posted by Charles Warnock

How I Became a Real Estate Investor

I became a real estate investor with my first two deals recently. In many ways the two deals were very similar, and in many ways very dissimilar. There are some good lessons to be learned here. This article may aid your investing.
Posted by Garry Gamber

How Long Your Mortgage Runs Determines How Much You Pay

The first thing most of us think about when the time comes to take out a mortgage on a new home is the interest rate. That's both perfectly natural and very sensible. The rate of interest we pay can...
Posted by W. Troy Swezey

How Much Home Can You Afford In Today's Market?

If you haven't figured your credit worthiness and borrowing power lately, you might be surprised at how much home you can afford to buy in today's market! Mortgage Lenders are very optimistic about the future of the real estate market and as a result they are willing to loan more on properties than you might expect! And, lenders are making loans at rates not seen since the late 1960s. We,as your Realtor, will be most willing to align you with one of our favored lenders for a private and complete analysis of your borrowing power. There are many different mortgage programs available to you -- some that you may not have heard of or even imagined before. Now is a great time to take a look at what's available to you! Every day we help buyers find and finance their next dream home. We can help you, too -- if you call us. Here's what we'll do for you: Step 1:...
Posted by Mr Jody Hudson

How Much is that House in the Window?

Conflicting reports about the UK property market provide a confusing picture for home-owners and first-time buyers...
Posted by Rachel Lane

How Much Should I Pay For This House?

I probably answer this question for someone a couple times every week. The problem is that they don't have a good formula for determining the most they can pay and still make a profit – so they're scared to make any offer.
Posted by Lou Castillo

How Not To Blow Your Build Budget

Most people who complete a self build will go on to make a profit if they decide to sell afterwards, but what steps can you take to ensure that you don't totally blow the budget?
Posted by Martin Smith

How Professional Property Investors Interpret and Use Capital Growth Statistics

Understanding and using yearly price growth statistics in an area of interest is critical to making successful property investments decisions.
Posted by John Moore

How Real Estate Investors Use Mortgage Note To Purchase Properties

Learn How Real Estate Investors Use Mortgage Notes To buy investment properties with no money down using the Simultaneous Closing method!
Posted by Frederick Webb

How to Achieve Financial Freedom with Your Home

How to 'get out of your box' and use the equity in your home to finance a golden future for you and your loved ones...
Posted by Geoff Morris

How to Afford Your Dream Home

It's a commonly held dream that ‘some day' we will get to own a beautiful holiday home in the sun – so here are five simple ways that anyone can use to turn their dream of owning a second home into a reality today, not some day!
Posted by Rhiannon Williamson
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