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Does an HSA Cover Alternative Medicine?

Over seventy percent of Americans use some form of alternative medicine, from chiropractic to herbs to yoga to naturopathy. This article explores whether the new Health Savings Account (HSA) is able to help us use alternative medicine.
Posted by Daryl Kulak

Don't Just Accept Your Car Insurance Renewal Quote

A simple technique for ensuring your existing car insurance company stays competitive.
Posted by Simon Markham

Eleven Money-Saving Auto Insurance Tips for Senior Drivers

Like all drivers, senior citizens (or as I like to call them “seasoned citizens�) want to get the best rates on their auto insurance policies. What they may not be aware of is that older drivers may present a higher risk than other drivers, usually leading to higher auto insurance rates.
Posted by Matt McWilliams

Entrepreneurs, Fill in the Gaps of Your Homeowner's Policy

Suppose your home office gets hit by a bolt of lightening (it happens). The loss from damage to your house, computer and loss of income amounts to 50,000. If your homeowners insurance discovers that you were running a business from that room, and if they sent an adjuster they certainly would, they have the right to refuse any coverage. Here we look at how to keep those losses covered.
Posted by Ian Asterbury

Ever Wondered What An Auto Insurance Claim Adjuster Does?

An auto insurance claim adjuster doesn't have an easy job.
Posted by Peter Crump

Everyone Wants The Cheapest Automobile Insurance Quote

You can find automobile insurance quotes online, and it saves you quite some time.
Posted by Peter Crump

Everything You Need to Know About Life Insurance

This article explains how life insurance works and why you should get life insurance.
Posted by Peter Wise

Factors That Affect Your Car Insurance Premium

Many factors affect the premium you will pay for auto insurance. Each is a statistically based risk for a specific population. The higher the risk associated with a person...
Posted by Jon Register

Facts About Renters Insurance

An introduction on renters insurance: Do you need to buy? What are covered? How much does it cost?
Posted by Brian Walker

Family Health Insurance Plans - How to Find The Best Provider Online

Here are some tips to help you find a good health insurance provider for your family's needs.
Posted by Carrie Reeder

Filing An Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim? Discover tips to help you file your claim the right way.
Posted by Lana Hampton

Filing Auto Insurance Claims: The Basic Steps to Take

An automobile accident can be a terrifying event for anyone, even when there are no injuries sustained. However, it is still necessary to take proper action after the collision to make filing auto insurance claims as simple as possible.
Posted by Tim Gorman

Filing Homeowners Insurance Claim Forms: What Steps to Take

Filing a homeowners insurance claim can be done with ease if the proper procedures are followed correctly. Periodically reviewing your insurance policy and keeping up to date with what your duties and responsibilities for your specific plan are will assist tremendously when filing a homeowners insurance claim.
Posted by Tim Gorman

Finding a Discount Car Insurance Broker

Times past finding a discount insurance broker was important and offered you access to many different outlets for your needs. Today that's no longer the case as finding a discount insurance broker doesn't really...
Posted by Rolf Rasmusson

Finding Auto Insurance Comprehensive Coverage

You can go online to easily find and quote auto insurance comprehensive coverage. The definition could include basically (2) trains of...
Posted by Rolf Rasmusson

Finding California High Risk Truck Insurance

If your are in need of California high risk truck insurance there's an easy way for you to find it. Fortunately with the advent of the internet and database development in the auto industry...
Posted by Rolf Rasmusson

Finding California Truck Insurance

It's very easy to find California truck insurance on the internet today. No longer does your search require numerous phone calls, faxes, brochures, going to the office and placing calls to (10) or so agents...
Posted by Rolf Rasmusson

Finding Fast Life Insurance

Since the widespread growth of internet usage and database building it's never been easier or quicker to find fast life insurance. There was a time not long ago
Posted by Rolf Rasmusson

Finding Health Insurance for Self-Employed Individuals: A Guide For the Freelance Newbie

With a rise in those looking to venture out on their own in the business world, health insurance for self-employed workers is a priority. At first glance, obtaining health insurance for self-employed individuals may seem difficult and quite overwhelming. However, with research and education, finding the right policy can be done with ease.
Posted by Tim Gorman

Finding Life Insurance Quotes For Adult Children

Shopping for life insurance quotes for adult children isn't any different than it is for adults or seniors. Underwriting issues can vary a little but essentially life insurance quotes for adult children follows
Posted by Rolf Rasmusson

Finding Term Life Insurance Online

Getting term life insurance and term life insurance quotes can now be easily done online. Look for sites that will give you anonymous quotes such as Return of premium life insurance is a new term life insurance policy that returns your money when you keep your policy.
Posted by Neil Willner

Flat Insurance in the UK

What are the factors involved in flat insurance? Do I need to provide both buildings and contents cover? Who will cover shared flats or flats with student tenants?
Posted by Tim Larden

Free Money Saving Auto Insurance Tips

Interested in saving money on your auto insurance policy? Our free money saving auto insurance tips can help you get the insurance you want at a price you can afford.
Posted by Tim Gorman

Gain An Advantage Over Your Competition By Controlling The Cost Of Your Health Insurance

Employers that are able to get a handle on their group medical coverage will allow them to have a distinct advantage over their competition. If necessary, consider hiring an independent insurance broker to assist you with the evaluation of alternatives.
Posted by Michael Ertel

General Knowledge - Critical Illness Insurance

Critical illness can happen to anyone, and often does. If you are diagnosed with a critical illness, recovery should be your first concern.
Posted by Tyler D King

Give Your Auto Policy a Tune-Up

When you originally purchased your auto insurance policy, you purchased a certain type of coverage to meet your needs at that time. Since then you have probably experienced many changes in your life. Have these changes changed your auto insurance needs...
Posted by John Machmiller

Global Warming: Why Consumers and Insurers Are Getting Hot Under the Collar Over Life Insurance.

Whilst financial products may never have been simple, the diversity and complexity of personal finance and insurance products is beginning to bewilder even educated consumers.
Posted by Rachel Lane

Group Term Life Insurance and the Options Available

Group term life insurance is more affordable than individual life insurance policies because the costs to the insurer are lower.
Posted by Brad Triggs

Guide to Car Insurance

Here is a useful guide to car insurance.
Posted by John Mussi

Guide to Home Insurance

Here is a useful guide to Home Insurance.
Posted by John Mussi
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