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Tips for Buying a New Home

Learn from others' mistakes and save money on your new home Buying a new home can be a daunting task, even for someone who has owned several homes. If you recently purchased your first home, you probably found that is hard to find good advice that is truly useful. You had to learn a lot on our own, but at least now you probably feel comfortable and knowledgeable about the whole process.
Posted by Matt McWilliams

Tips for Choosing a Life Insurance Company

Simple tips to help you choose between the many life insurance companies in the UK.
Posted by Simon Markham

Tips for First Time Insurance Buyers

The are many scary things in this world. Buying insurance for your first time should not be one of them. This articl will offer some tips which will hopefully remove the fear of first time auto insurance buying...
Posted by John Machmiller

Tips For Lowering Your Auto Insurance Quote

Before you start shopping for an auto or car insurance quote, you should take a few minutes to study the auto insurance terminology. There are low cost insurances even with good coverage online.
Posted by Terje Ellingsen

Tips On How To Save When Buying Car Insurance

If you want to save money when you purchase your car insurance here are a few ways that can help you as you search for auto insurance...
Posted by James Diaz

Travel Health Insurance - Understand the Benefits

If you are considering getting travel health insurance, there are many benefits to travel health insurance that it would be helpful to understand.
Posted by Carrie Reeder

Travel Insurance Might Be Just What You Need!

Travel insurance is something that many people haven't considered. Sure, it's possible that you may never have to access your travel insurance, but just having it can really give you peace of mind. A...
Posted by Mike Yeager

Travel Insurance Pre-Existing Conditions Coverage - How It Works

Trip cancellation travel insurance lets you cancel a trip for unforeseen injuries, illnesses or sicknesses. What if you, your traveling companion or family member (even the ones staying home) has a pre-existing medical condition? Trip cancellation / interruption plans contain provisions to waive the pre-existing condition exclusion.
Posted by Steve Dasseos

Types of Auto Insurance Coverage Explained

A question you might ask yourself is: why must we carry auto insurance? There are many different types of auto insurance coverage to choose from, depending on what you want covered and what you can afford...
Posted by Belinda Ramos

Types of Homeowner Insurance

There are different types of homeowner's insurance. Do you know what they are?
Posted by Fern Kuhn

Types of Life Insurance

There are different types of life insurance policies available.
Posted by John Mussi

Types of Long Term Care Insurance

Regardless of what some people might think, medical insurance will not cover the expenses and services that long term care insurance covers.
Posted by Tim Gorman

UK House Insurance - The Risk of Under-insurance

House Insurance in the UK is fast becoming a more competitive product. AS more insurance companies offer cheaper deals to attract market share, more consumers are driven by the available savings. However cutting back on cover has a serious financial risk to it. Read about the danger of under-insurance and what the term average means.
Posted by Tim Larden

UK Young Driver Motor Insurance - Build Your Own No Claims Bonus or Insure through Your Parents

Over the last 10 years, the cost of motor insurance for young drivers has shot up. A cheaper alternative than your own motor insurance policy is to buy cover in your parents name with yourself named. Is this cost effective and more importantly does it invalidate your policy?
Posted by Tim Larden

Underinsurance Can Spell Disaster For Homeowners

Insurance is meant to give homeowners peace of mind, but an increasing number of policy holders are putting themselves at risk by neglecting to insure their home and contents adequately.
Posted by David Cannell

Understanding How Your Credit History May Affect Your Car Insurance Coverage

Many personal auto insurance companies consider your credit information when determining how much premium to charge for your insurance ...
Posted by Jon Register

Underwriting Life Insurance For Diabetics and Diabetic Life Insurance Information

Life Insurance For Diabetics and Diabetic Life Insurance - What to look for, who would qualify, and how much does it cost. If you have had difficulty finding an affordable life insurance policy because of diabetes, reading this article is a must!
Posted by Ashley Brooks

Used Car Insurance

A standard auto insurance policy is a package of different kinds of coverage. There is generally some flexibility in terms of both the types and amounts of coverage you select. However, practically every state has enacted insurance laws that require drivers to carry at least some auto insurance. Many states even require that you present proof of insurance before you register a car. So the short answer to the question is that you will probably need to insure your car, regardless of its value.
Posted by Mary Beim

Useful Tips on Reducing Insurance Costs

Most people want lower insurance costs but are often too lazy to do anything about it.
Posted by John Mussi

Vehicle Insurance Online is a Convenient Way to Get Insurance Cheap

There are many benefits to searching for cheap auto insurance online.
Posted by Carrie Reeder

We Don't Need Another Broker: How To Get The Best Liability Insurance Rates Available

Why every business should shop its liability insurance to 2 or 3 brokers, and how to be sure you get the best quotes possible.
Posted by Michael Martinez

What Answers To Questions For A Home Insurance Price Quote Will I Need To Know?

Lets face it, finding the best home insurance price quote can be an aggravating task if you're not fully prepared with answers to the common questions that most insurance companies will ask. This article outlines the questions that an insurance agent will ask you when you're requesting quotes for home insurance. Having this information handy will make finding house insurance easier and save you valuable time.
Posted by Tim Gorman

What Are The Auto Liability Insurance State Minimums For My State?

As you shop online for the best auto insurance deals you may begin to ask yourself what exactly is required by law when it comes to auto insurance. Fortunately this article outlines the auto liability insurance state minimums that you are required to have in order to legally drive in the United States
Posted by Tim Gorman

What Are The Differences Between A Cancellation Notice And Non-renewal Notice?

Don't know what the notice in your mail from your insurance company means? This article will explain what cancellation notices and non-renwal notices are and what they mean to you...
Posted by Jason Horowitz

What Do You Mean My Auto Insurance Policy Doesn't Cover This!!

Auto insurance is an agreement between you and your insurance company where you arrange to pay a premium in an exchange for the peace of mind that your insurance agency will pay for vehicle related financial losses during the duration of the policy.
Posted by Tim Gorman

What Does Buildings Insurance Cover?

You will find that your lender will insist that you have this cover when you take out a mortgage. The lender, remember, owns your home until you have paid off the mortgage. However, because they don't live in it, you are responsible for it, thus you need to insure the building. Should the property fall down, the lender wants it to be covered for the catastrophe.
Posted by George McGonigal

What is Car Insurance?

Car Insurance is compulsory in the UK.
Posted by John Mussi

What is Consumer-Driven Healthcare?

Consumer driven healthcare is a buzzword you hear often these days. What is it? How does it apply to health savings accounts (HSA) and health insurance?
Posted by Daryl Kulak

What Is Health Insurance?

What is health insurance and why do I need it? Health insurance protects you and your family from a financial hardship due to medical expenses in the untimely event that you are injured or become ill. There are four types of health insurance, you may need just one or you may need a combination to ensure you have the most insurance coverage possible.
Posted by Tim Gorman

What is Home Insurance?

Home Insurance is designed to provide you with financial protection....
Posted by John Mussi
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