Vanuatu Oceanfront Land For Sale Port Vila - Oceania Property For Sale Or Rent at

Vanuatu Oceanfront Land For Sale Port Vila - Oceania Property For Sale Or Rent at
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Vanuatu Oceanfront Land For Sale Port Vila

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Property For Sale Or Rent: Vanuatu Oceanfront Land For Sale Port Vila


Devils Point Rd And Pango Rd
Port Vila
Island Of Efate

Land For Sale in Port Vila, Island Of Efate Vanuatu

Land For Sale in Port Vila, Island Of Efate, Vanuatu
Oceanfront Acre Lots. Beachfront Lots
Sell Price:Land or $175,000 -$295,000 AUD
Ocean Frontage varies from 30m to 60m approx 3000 sqm.
Land For Sale in Port Vila, Island Of Efate, Vanuatu
Oceanfront Acre Lots. Beachfront Lots
Sell Price:Land or $175,000 -$295,000 AUD
Ocean Frontage varies from 30m to 60m approx 3000 sqm.
Beachfront Lots 30 m frontage, 3000sqm
Location:Ocean front Lots at Devils Point Road 30-60m frontage;
Beachfront Lots at Pango Rd(30m frontage)
Port Vila, Island Of Efate
Property Type:Land for sale
Property Details:LOCATION-HEAVEN!

Own your own piece of Heaven right on the ocean. Join lots of other Americans, New Caledonians, Aussies and New Zealanders making the seachange. 1 acre improved oceanfront lots (power,water,phone services),land $175,000- $295,000. Build a duplex for yourself and another to rent.

Vanuatu is a tropical island, 46km x 33km, in the Pacific just 1-3 hrs from Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, New Caledonia. The American show Survivor has chosen it as their new location for their next show just 20 mins away from this location.

The Islands many attractions include english speaking, secluded beaches, jewel like islands, gourmet restaurants, excellent diving and fishing (including game species), snorkeling, sailing, a relaxed tropical lifestyle and the rich melanesian culture.

It is close enough to be a holiday home /weekender from Pacific countries. The reduction in capital investment required for your piece of paradise here more than compensates for the airfares(currently around $400AUD from Brisbane. Several times per year the airlines have "kids fly free" or "2 for one" promotions. Qantas serviced 737's are code shared with Air Vanuatu from Australia. Virgin flies in to Vanuatu from Australia as well. The best route for US citizens to get to Vanuatu is via Fiji and French citizens via New Caledonia.

The English have had their overseas holiday homes in France, the Americans,in the Carribbean- why not Australians, New Zealanders and New Caledonians in Vanuatu? Think laterally and see the opportunity! Secure your holiday home or tax free retirement location now!

The location is better than Noosa/Gold Coast now- its the way Noosa and the Gold Coast used to be before crass commercialism robbed them of their natural beauty and relaxed feel.

It has the best real estate prices in the world for oceanfront/beachfront land!

Power, telephone, water services to the blocks. Natural sea breezes. Private estate, marine sanctuary on your door. Irridescent tropical fish and brillant blue starfish visible from your land. Moor your boat out front. Beautiful waterfalls , picnic area, golf course, riding school just minutes down the road.

Only 10 minutes from the airport, just 15 mins from Port Vila. The blocks look out on the lights of Port vila at night, the moon rises over the bay and there are vast galaxies of stars visible in the clear skies at night!

Surf beach available, calm water swimming areas available for children. Every watersport under the sun. Underwater submarine tours of reefs and coral.

Weather- average temperature 25 C - 30 C

Wages are reasonable- AUD $10/day for a gardener or a house assistant.

Banks- Westpac, ANZ, Bank of Hawaii, National Bank of Vanuatu. ATM's available. Currency - Vatu but Australian dollars widely accepted.

No visas required for Commonwealth countries,USA, most western european nations,Japan, Thailand and many others. Initial 1 month visa can be extended to maximum 4 mths in one year, if longer stay needed, then residency is needed (or a work permit.) Purchasers who buy our properties will be eligible to apply for residency, which is annually renewable.

Vanuatu is a Christian religion nation and they are a friendly hospitable people. Most people speak english, bislama and french are also spoken. The group was formerly known as the New Hebrides, under a shared condominium controlled by both the French and English from 1906 until it gained independence in 1980. The country now operates as a self-governing republic with a westminster style of political system and is still a member of the Commonwealth.

It has a benign Government environment which encourages foreign investment and tourism. Vanuatu is free of ethnic or colonialist problems. Violent crime is low and there is no terrorism threat.

The ni-Vanuatu people are happy to have real estate investors come to Vanuatu because the custom owners are the only ones who can own land. All foreigners must lease land from them and that, of course, means that they recieve a modest income. Our leases are 75 years. All leases must be registered in the central government Land Records Department and are upheld by the courts. Investors quickly realize that the land leasing arrangements actually work very well in Vanuatu and indeed many Pacific nations.

Vanuatu is a tax haven and has a well developed Offshore Finance Center. As such, there are no income taxes, withholding taxes, capital gains taxes, gift, death, estate or succession duties applying to companies, trusts or individuals. There are also no tax treaties with other countries and thus no exchange of information with foreign governments. The Govt makes its money from import duties and a 12.5% VAT on goods and services.

Alcohol is very reasonably priced. Great organic produce. Numerous restaurants. Supermarkets and fresh fruit & vegetable markets available or grow your own in this tropical paradise. Fish or throw out a crab pot directly off your land! Water is safe. Mosquito fogging program to assist freedom from pests. Western trained doctors on the island. Internet available. Pay TV available (includes Australian Channels). GSM Mobile phone network (Optus and Telstra.)

Land available from $175,000 in this natural untouched oceanfront paradise! The equivalent in nearby OZ/NZ on the oceanfront would be in the millions $$! Everyone who visits these islands falls in love with their natural beauty and relaxed lifestyle.

Oceanfront Land in Bali 10 years ago was $50,000,now its in the $100,000++'s today. Fiji and New Caledonia have gone the same way. Waterfront land is no longer affordable in Australia- Australians and others will start to look elsewhere and Vanuatu is already proving to be a prime investment location as they realise its an exotic paradise, right on their doorstep. Land prices are rising rapidly. People can own a holiday home here and get a good rental return on their investment as well- something thats not possible in Australia anymore.

All assistance given to arrange purchase, approvals, building, property management and residency (if desired). Residency available to investors in vanuatu with no minimum stay requirements. We can recommend builders.

Usual Fees associated with a purchase of land - Stamp Duty 5% to the Government,registering the transfer at the Lands Records Department -2% registration fee, solicitor's fees (Negotiable, usually 1%). When you rent your property out,there is a 12.5% sales tax to the government on the rental received.

We will make it easy for you to have the tropical island holiday home/villa of your dreams. These lots are being snapped up so dont let this be your paradise lost! Beachfront land has never been more within your reach! Think of what happened on the Gold Coast Beachfront values and get on board while you can- no one has ever lost on waterfront property!!
Property Summary
Offered by   Owner
Area   3,000 m2
Features   Ocean Waterfront,
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