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Whistler, BC: A Great Winter Spot

This article introduces Whistler as a great winter spot for the next season.
Posted by Vinodh Pushparaj

Why an Algarve Vacation?

If a vacation, as defined by a dictionary is: 'leisure time away from work devoted to rest or pleasure', then one taken in Algarve must be the epitome of that term. The southern-most region of Portug...
Posted by Jennifer Dodds

Why are Townhouse Rentals are the Way to Go when Visiting Walt Disney World

Townhouse Rentals are the way to go when visiting Walt Disney World The first words that come to mind when people think of Central Florida are usually Disney World, attractions, theme parks, and vacation, or holiday. Of course, if you are coming to the Orlando area, you want to experience the many things that you have heard about and the many things for which this area is so famous. The parks are a blast, the food is fun, and the Disney characters are waiting with open arms for your family to come and meet them.
Posted by Art Mccarty

Why Should You Rent Town Houses Instead of Staying in a Hotel Room?

Before you decide where to stay think about what it is like in Orlando. It is usually very warm, even in the winter. Your kids are going to be exhausted from a long day of playing at the theme parks. Before you start searching the internet for a great deal think about what you really want for your family vacation. Your typical hotel rooms has: ● Two beds side by side
● One very small bathroom
● A TV and possibly a chair or two
● Maybe a balcony This may be fine for a business traveler or a single person. But do you really want to squeeze your family of four in to the tiniest space even for a vacation. Just imagine, waiting to use the bathroom, crying and carrying on because they are thirsty or hungry, no where to site except your messed up bed. Here's something even better, most parents don't think about. Your bed is about 3 feet away from the kid's bed. Forget Mom and Dad having alone time. You need a town house rental.
Posted by Art Mccarty

Why The Vacation Home Sale Market Is Unsustainable

The rental market and Vacation Home sale market is unsustainable. Vacation rentals are a business and like everything its supply and demand. It only takes one owner to drop the price below realistic levels to create a precedent.
Posted by Stewart Granville

Why Visit Magical Cape Town?

What makes Cape Town, South Africa tick? Find out some of the best things to do and see on visiting.
Posted by Helen Palmer

Wiltshire - Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral, & Much More

Wiltshire is a large English County situated in central southern England. It is crammed with places to see. Stonehenge and Avebury Rings for prehistoric monuments, and Salisbury Cathedral, the tallest building in Britain for more than 700 years and so much more.
Posted by David Carter

With Vacation Rentals You Can Stay For a Long Time

Vacation rentals are an option when you plan to go on a vacation and stay for any length of time. For example, Florida has the basic strategy of finding what the vacationer needs, what they are looki...
Posted by Mike Yeager

You Have To Love The Location, Say These Owners Of Orlando Florida Villas

It has been said that in real estate there are three things that count the most: location, location and location. I recently discovered how powerful this concept can be. Not long ago, I wrote an art...
Posted by David Leonhardt

You Only Have One Life, Let Your Caribbean Dream Come True

Caribbean rentals-Did I dream or is this reality!
Posted by Nicholas Marr

Zambia... What an Amazing Country!

Peace, stability and friendliness describe Zambia, Africa’s peace haven. It is a country incredibly endowed with natural resources, the heritage of a natural safari country. Just Imagine a profusion of wildlife in pristine wilderness and home to the Victoria Falls and the Mighty Zambezi River!
Posted by Enestle Zimba
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