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Home Mortgages: Up, Up and Away!

If you haven't found the time to refinance your existing home mortgage, it's time to take action—like yesterday! Every time Alan Greenspan, Federal Reserve Board Chairman, opens his mouth, you can bet that the federal funds rates will rise by at least a quarter of a point, or by 25 basis points in investorese. What that means to you is that home mortgages will rocket as well.
Posted by M J Plaster

Home or Investment Property Equity: Be Sure the Bank Gives You All that You Deserve

Home equity is your own personal money machine. If you want financial freedom, a home equity loan is probably the best way to achieve it. You can pay down credit cards, pay off cars, both at high interest rates, or you can actually use your home equity to invest and build the money into a fortune. The biggest problem people run into with home equity is that they don't have enough of it. Sometimes, the problem may be with your bank and not with your equity.
Posted by Mark Barnes

Home Owner Loan - 5 Tips To Get Yourself Ready For A Home Loan Application

Here are 5 tips to apply a home loan without much trouble.
Posted by Justin Koh

Home Owner Loans Explained

How To Release Equity Locked Up In Your Home For Immediate Use. Free up the monetary worth tied up in your property by asking your financial advisor for information on a secured home owner loan. These types of loans can be legally used for any purpose you see fit and are available to nearly all homeowners.
Posted by Fabio Marcell

Home Refinancing Scam – Thieves Use Identity Theft to Steal Your Equity

The dramatic rise in real estate prices has brought a lot of thieves out of the woodwork. They are now using identity theft to steal equity from homeowners.
Posted by Charles Essmeier

Homebuyer's Loan Guide

If you are a homebuyer, there are a few points on a homebuyer's loan that you should keep in mind. These pointers simply ensure that you don't burden yourself with a loan or repayment and that you can get a justified return on your investment.
Posted by Joseph Kenny

Homeowner Loans – Drawing Lessons of the Past

Getting loans is easier for homeowners. However with the home at stake they need to tread with care. One wrong decision and they lose their home to the lender. Barring loans from the sources of finance altogether will not be a viable solution though. Loans used with caution minimise their ill-effects. The borrowers must be aware of the intricacies of the loan and make a thorough search of the market to access that the loan product is the best he could have, before conceding to loan agreement. Though the chances of default cannot be altogether cancelled out, these can at least lessen its chances.
Posted by Andrew Baker

Homeowners' insurance: The mortgage connection

A home owners' insurance is the cover for the house against natural calamities as well as liability. This covers the house and its contents but also other personal possessions which the house secures.
Posted by Maryann Joseph

Homes, To B(uy) or Not to B(uy)

Whether you are just moving out on your own for the first time, or you've moved ten times before, there is always a big choice to make. Do you rent or buy your home? There are valid arguments on both sides, and in different scenarios either one could be the right choice. When you start looking into your next, and possibly final living space, there are a number of things you should consider.
Posted by Nicole Soltau

Housing Bill - Changes in the Right To Buy Scheme

Third party companies have been making money by taking advantage of the current loopholes in the right to buy scheme. There is now a Right to Buy Housing Bill before the House of Lords containing proposals to prevent this happening which is due to become law during this parliamentary term.
Posted by Nicola Bullimore

How a Commercial Mortgage Can Help Your Business

Whether you're just starting out, or have an established company, a commercial mortgage or remortgage could be the key to the success of your business.
Posted by David Miles

How do I know what is the best Second Mortgage Home Loan for me?

Good unbiased advice from someone who has been able to get home loans even while having a bad credit rating. No hype, nothing to sell, just advice from someone who has been in your shoes!
Posted by Matt Clarkson

How easy is it to get a Commercial Mortgage in the UK?

Whether a commercial mortgage or a residential mortgage your credit score and security are a factor. But bad credit doesn't necessarily mean you will not qualify. This is only one factor taken into account when sourcing a commercial mortgage.
Posted by Darren Yates

How Good a Deal Is Your Bank's Mortgage Insurance Plan?

Mortgage Insurance is an add-on and profit center for the bank or the mortgage company. But is it something that our proud new house owner should buy from the mortgagor?
Posted by Ivon T. Hughes

How Homeowner Can Save Their Home From Foreclosure

Drive around and see how many signs you see that says House for Sale. How many lease purchases do you see? How many abandon houses are on your street? Our country is up against the wall with delinq...
Posted by Bobby Johnson

How I Became a Hard Money Lender

Unlike other investors, my venture into real estate was a natural extension of my secondary business as the IP Ware software developer. However, opportunity and perseverance beget wealth, or at least...
Posted by Barrett Niehus

How Much Home Loan Can I Afford?

Find out if you will qualify for a home loan and how much of a monthly payment you can afford.
Posted by Gary Gresham

"How Much Interest is Your Home Equity Earning?"

Equity sitting in your home can be used to create large wealth.
Posted by James Burns

How Not To Be Ripped Off By Mortgage Brokers

Mortgage brokers working in the adverse credit market have had it easy for a while. The fees they charge can be at best be described as "slightly excessive" and at worst " a complete rip off".
Posted by Mark Harrison

How to Avoid Paying Mortgage Insurance

Save money every month by avoiding mortgage insurance.
Posted by Douglas Boncosky

How to Buy a Home Without a Down Payment

Mortgage rates are rising and it's becoming more difficult for a prospective buyer to save up for the necessary down payment. Fortunately, there are ways around this hurdle.
Posted by Genesis Font

How To Choose Your Mortgage Loan

Some helpful tips in finding the right home mortgage loan which will save you some money in long term.
Posted by Enh Wah Tan

How to Compare Fixed Rate Mortgages and Adjustable Rate Mortgages

A Fixed Rate mortgage will offer you the security of knowing that your mortgage interest rate will not change during the term of your fixed rate. The advantage of an Adjustable Rate Mortgage is that you may be able to afford a more expensive home because your initial interest rate will be lower.
Posted by Chileshe Mwape

How To Determine The Price Of Your Home

Why is it that some homes sit on the market for a year while others sell like hot cakes? Frustrated sellers will blame a bad market, while a good real estate professional will tell you that many tim...
Posted by W. Troy Swezey

How to Find a Direct Homeowner Loan

If you've been thinking about applying for a direct homeowner loan...
Posted by John Mussi

How to Find a Good Online Homeowner Loan

A quickly growing trend in lending is the online homeowner loan.
Posted by John Mussi

How To Find A Mortgage With Bad Credit

There are simple steps to take if you want to find a mortgage even with bad credit.
Posted by Noel Hynes

How to Find Cheap Home Improvement Loans

If you have home improvements that you'd like to see done but don't have the money to do them, you might want to consider looking for cheap home improvement loans.
Posted by John Mussi

How to Find the Best Home Improvement Loan

If you're looking for the best home improvement loan for your money it can sometimes seem like an uphill climb.
Posted by John Mussi

How to Find the Best Mortgage

The purchase of a new home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and finding the best type of financing for you is crucial.
Posted by Ken Austin
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