Building land, Altai mountain region, 52 hectares

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Property For Sale Or Rent: Building land, Altai mountain region, 52 hectares

Russia, Siberia, Chemal, Altai mountain region 633011

Property for sale: 8,300,000.00 - 9,000,000.00 USD (Negotiable)

Building land Altai mountain region, SouthWest Siberia. 520,000 sqm. Developed infrasrtucture : airport, highways, resorts and recreation areas. River banks, stunning mountainous views, soft sunny climate; rafting, hunting and fishing 4 seasons. All facilities for constructions.
Price $160,000 per 1 hectare, $16/sqm .

Mountain resort area, Altai magic aura, recreation region
Property Summary
Offered by   Owner
Situation   Isolatea, peacefull
Quality   Habitable
Contact information
Contact person name   Yuriy
Phone numbers   +79069091553
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