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Property For Sale Or Rent: A Beautiful Mountain Town!

Brazil, Rio de Janeiro

Rio De Janeiro

Property for sale: $19,000 USD

1 Bedroom Apartment For Sale in Teresópolis, Rio De Janeiro Brazil

This exceptionally well maintained freehold apartment is situated on the second floor of a three story building.
This exceptionally well maintained freehold apartment is situated on the second floor of a three story building.

Teresópolis (affectionately called "Teré" by the locals) is a beautiful City and is surrounded by the mountainous national forest called Serra dos Órgãos, some 60 miles north from the center of Rio de Janeiro, the fun and uniquely spectacular city of 12 million people on the Tropic of Capricorn (23.5 degrees South Latitude).

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The pace of Teré, a city of around 150,000 people is very relaxed compared with that of Rio; there are fine restaurants, orchid and trout farms and numerous opportunities to swim, mountain-climb and hike among the tall granite peaks, waterfalls, pools and rainforests.

The climate is cool but humid, characterized by mountain sun, breezes and occasional rain and morning fog. The sun rises around 5:30 am and sets around 5:30 pm, year-round.

Summer highs are in the low 80's, while Winter highs often hover around 50 degrees Fahrenheit. The mountain nights are always cool and very quiet.

Residences never have window screens, and seldom have central heating or air conditioning. Remember, the seasons are reversed down there, but Spring still follows Winter!

The apartment is located in the "Alto" district of Teresópolis (Rio de Janeiro State), the most sought after location in Teresópolis.

Teresópolis – "Teresa’s town" – is a tribute to Teresa Cristina, Dom Pedro II’s wife, who, at the end of the last century, was totally amazed by the climate and natural wonders of this picturesque,pristine mountain area, and used to rest here with her family during frequent visits and vacations.

Let the pictures of the apartment speak for themselves..!!

There are NO AGENTS involved and I am the sole owner of the property, and have been for many years.I have maintained it with great care regardless of cost.

This is a great little apartment which I am selling reluctantly..

If you live, vacationing, or are thinking of vacationing in Rio, Teresópolis is just over a pleasant 1 hr ride by luxury air-conditioned bus (about usd 5 for a ticket),from central Rio Bus Station and - it would be easy for you to view the apartment,as well as spend a great day out soaking up the charms of this pretty City.

The bus ride is a pleasure in itself as you will pass through valleys,hills and mountains along the winding well maintained roads..

Many people - Brazilians who live in central Rio - spend their weekends here as the environment is so pleasant,the climate outstanding, and the people so warm and friendly... crime is virtually non existant!

Many have retired or moved to Teresópolis to get away from the conjestion of Rio proper.A large number of residents even commute daily into Rio to work,but prefer to live here in Teresópolis!

Feel free to e-mail me with any questions you may have.
Property Summary
Offered by   Owner
Construction Year   1975
Area   44 m2
Bedrooms   1
Bathrooms   1
Stories   3
Parking Spaces   1
Features   Mountain View, 24 Hour Security, Parking In Spacious Forecourt, Extremely Low Property Taxes / Monthly Condo Fees, Total Approx 45 Usd Per Month!,
Contact information
Contact person name   Lidia Santoro
Phone numbers   00 55 21 256 74750  (Home Rio) 92486971  (Mobile Rio)

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